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Full Version: 90S Fords - Steering Vibration
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Hi all, this has been driving me crazy for some time, I wonder if you can help:

If have a Mondeo and Focus, both 1999. They are both over 100k.

They both have vibration in the steering wheel at speed, starting at 50mph and getting worse the faster you go.

Here's what I've changed so far:
Wheels balanced a number of times and even tried a few different sets of wheels
New tyres
Rims checked
Tracking done
Replaced discs and pads
New track rod ends and wishbones

The above has made no difference at all. Has anyone had this problem and what did you replace to solve it?

Appreciate any help!

I'm trying to think what else it could be...
Steering rack?
Suspension legs?
Top mounts?
Drop links?
Wheel bearings?
Steering column?

Hi hsv_sc, and welcome to the forum!

how much vibration are we talking?
Not much, not major, like a wheel is out of balance - but I know it isn't the wheels or tyres.
whats saying 1 of your tyres could have a imperfection? ive had this before on a cavalier i used to own had two fronts replaced, took car back due to mega vibration and the inside wall had a slight buldge.......

Disks warped????
I agree with Martyn, its certainly a possibility...

by the way, moving this to General Ford discussions, might get a bit more attention there!
My mate had the same problem with his car and no matter what they couldn't find anything wrong.
He ended up putting 2 new front tyres on and that did the job.

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