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Full Version: Womans Kar
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Do any men have a ka? Does anyone make fun of you? My brother has always liked them and is buying one in March, are they a womans machine?
I had one of the current shape ones as a courtesy car while my Focus was being repaired, and honestly, I only had it for two days and hated every second! People at work, friends and family all took the micky, and I couldn't believe how many bigger cars do try and 'bully' their way past smaller ones!

But then, if all he's after is an affordable runabout he might be able to live with it!
The StreetKa is definitely girlie, especially considering it has the Ka front. It's the wife's car, but I don't mind using it to get about because it's quite good fun to drive despite a lack of power. Even with the roof down! I couldn't get a toss what anyone else thinks; they start to offer their opinion and I butt in to tell them they don't really know because they haven't driven it.

But I do wish that Ford would come out with a Street Fiesta. That would be awesome!
I've got the StreetKa, my dad drives it a few times a year and does get some funny looks when at lights and roundabouts. Your brother's friends probably will take the mick out of him, they are quite girly but in my opinion, decent little cars.

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