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Full Version: Mk2 07 1.8Tdci Sport Cold Start
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Hi all. I recently bought my focus around a month ago. It was fine at first but then it stopped turning over (turned out to be diesel clips one was loose so wasn't getting pressure to start). Then all was fine again when this was sorted. But since the weather has been getting cold on initial start up (leave for few hours or over night) the car will start and cut out (very rare. It will rev up and down first and go to low off revs) or will start and my rev counter will go up and down (between 900 and 1500ish) for around 30 seconds till a minute and then settles at around 900 odd. After this car runs fine straight away and even starts fine if turn it off after settling or when warm. Had glow plugs checked there fine. Battery been changed has was showing 64% after 4 miles and saying on the tester couldn't be read properly due to battery failure. Garage said ecu was fine as well only thing could do is leave with them over night one time and they'll see if can find what it is from there. Neil
fuel filter...

Diesel can go waxy in colder weather and gunk up the filter, its not a lot of money to change and worth a try...

If it cuts out it may also be a cracked filter housing, sucking air into the fuel system and cutting the engine out.
Thanks will get them check the fuel filter. Was so called serviced when got it though (got no service book with it). Also is the crack a big job if its that. It very very very rare cuts out most time its fine
nah just a new filter housing.. The hardest job is repriming the fuel system... They are a nightmare on the 1.8's!!

Something else to think about is maybe the fuel pump... My old 1.8TDCi focus starting hunting (revs up and down) in the cold weather and was like that for a while, then the fuel pump blew up and took the fuel system with it!

Thing is, these symptoms can be caused by so many things its hard to diagnose
how did you come to a conclusion of what made it go pop then, and the rail system
Firstly it would pop, and cut out and go into limp mode when hitting 2000rpm ish, but previous to this it was hunting like a goodun!

then a rather sad trip to the dealers... That then pulled the filter apart and said it was full of metal swarf... which had then got thru the filter and damaged all 4 injectors...

The pump in colder weather was struggling to pump fuel as it was basically falling apart inside, and then in turn the knackered injectors werent pumping at the right times etc... it really was a mess by the time id finished with it lol!!

They said the only way forward to guarantee it would be ok was to replace the whole fuel system and flush the tank...

They replaced the filter and some other bits before this diagnosis though...

I blame the tuning box i had on it personally, ramping up the fuel pressure etc...
arnt these ment to take a high amount of pressure anyway? you have me worrying about mine now..... but would a consistant map (even a poor one) be bettwer than a tuning box? i was looking at one of these earlier tbh on the bay for 250...... claiming bhp from 115 upto 140. and torq from 280nm to 345 i think......
a map will be better... as the sensors are still sensing what they should be, not getting fooled info from the box...

if the fuel pressure gets too high it will lower it, unlike with a box where it thinks its too low so turns it up... if its too high, it probably reads normal on the cars ECU...

I'd be VERY surprised to see a box get anywhere near 140 lol!! Torque is good tho, mine gave a massive jump in torque but bhp was only 10bhp!!
Fuel pump is covered under the warranty i got so will try cheap things first and still does it will hit the warranty with new fuel pump if its that. Thanks again will update next week when got filter changed
i think mine is in need of more torq, as it dont put me back in my seat like it used to lol.... maybe i have a problem....... maybe i just have got used to it........ but it does need to be r/r'd tho..... would be a interest to see if any members of this forum wanted to do a club day r/r session...... get runs cheaper also.... here :-
Ah now your talking ;)

I have been to many a Dyno Day, its normally about £35 a car for 10 or more...
Do you fancy throwing the idea out there.... your more respected etc... than me
more respected! never!! were all equal here!!

Oh it's on my list!! probably more a summer thing... I've done Dyno Days in this weather were having now and its not fun lol!!
good man, would be interesting to see whats in the club, and finally meet members face to face lol......
I'm game for a dyno day!

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