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Full Version: Which Tyres?
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Hey guys, just wondering on recommendations for tyres for the focus.

205/55/16 is the size, been looking at black circles site and they are all reasonable prices.

What do you guys find are best? I will just buy all 4 I think :)

Look at the rating on the site it shows road noise level and grip i believe falken were pretty good as were the budget brands
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1358583332' post='228295']
Look at the rating on the site it shows road noise level and grip i believe falken were pretty good as were the budget brands

Yeah I have seen the ratings, but the difference from the a-g rating is minimal in my eyes, I wanted personal recommendations. Always better than looking on a company's site :)
Personal for me ill be buying the falkens ive had them on various other cars in the past they have excellent grip in all weathers road noise isnt that bad and they lasted well mainly for me is grip and they have lots of it
Thanks -

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance - 205/55 R16 W (91) £76.49

Look the best really :)
Goodyears tend to wear pretty quickly from the reviews also they are poor in the wet from tyre reviews many ford owners unhappy with them in the wet road noise is olpoor the falken are the best even on tyre reviews
+ on Falkens
Ive had many many tyres in my time lol.. I'll list a few below under good and bad... this will include grip and wear in both wet and dry. Personally noise doesn't bother me, I just turn the radio up!

[b]Pirelli P7[/b] (Current Focus all round, cant fault seem to have good snow abilities too)
[b]Goodyear Eagle F1[/b] (Superb dry and wet grip, and surprising snow grip, as long as you got the German ones... Thailand ones are made differently and were awful.) replaced by the Asymetric version now. Havent tried these yet.
[b]Marangoni Herons.[/b] Not sure if these still exist, but was very pleased with these from a budget brand...
[b]Continental SportContact 3 [/b](Great tyres, but due to tread design, i got stuck in snow many times last year)
[b]Michelin Primacy 3 [/b](Good, but VERY Expensive!)
[b]Bridgestone Ecopia EP15[/b] (Again Same as Above)

[b]Avon ZV5[/b] (Wore to minimum after 4500 miles on the front)
[b]Falken FK452[/b] (Sorry, just found them awful grip in wet after about half wear...)
[b]Pirelli P6000[/b] (Same as above)
[b]Goodyear Eagle F1[/b] (Thailand version, wet grip awful, didnt wear as well)

There have been others, but not really worth mentioning lol!!
Falken ZE912 are the ones i used its down to each person for example the herons were one of the poorer rated makes and the primacy 3 wear quickly according to many yet as above others are quite happy with them. the falken fk452 when they get to about 3mm wear left are bad in the wet thats very true but thats ususlly when you should be changing them
Ah i've never tried the 912's... Yeah it was about 4mm when the wet weather grip started getting truly awful!! may as well have had ski's lol!
They are bad when the treads low i will admit kind of reminds you they need changed 912s were super sticky i had them on a diesel and they gave it so much grip you could take bends a heck of a lot quicker in all weathers but again as the tread hits 3-4mm left they lose grip in the wet but many argue thats time to change them anyway the sport contacts were always awful in the winter and like you you found youreself stuck when other tyres would grip dont even know if the 912s are still available
Just had some Dunlop rapid response fitted to my 17's on the front. They have been good in the snow and very good in the dry/wet compared to the good years previously fitted.
The fitter said they were slightly over average for focus tyres but they are very good all round
Avon ZZ3
Excellent grip, low noise and hard wearing.
I find it interesting how people respond to this thread as we all have different ideas on which works best stoney never tried avon mate what are they like for tram lining
Thanks for all the replys ill pop down tomoz after the car is serviced.....again :(
Michelin Tyres are the best i got em on my car and they are flawless.

They are the one that i advice you
I can fully agree with Stoney on the Avon front, I bought the Cee'd a set of two for the front, an excellent grip quality, fantastic handling... It previously had the mitch energy savers, which handled like cack!
Michelin primacy hp on mine seem good. Front two came on the back of the car, but have replaced like for like.

Are the primacy 3s better than the HPs?
Also, had the P6000s on my old corsa and they were fine in the dry but shocking in the wet.
I find the Avon's to be great tyres.
Reason I went for them was because our work cars have them fitted and serve us very well.

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