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Full Version: Heated Windscreen
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Hey all,
I have a 57 Reg ford focus sport but it does not have a heated windscreen. Does anyone know if it can be fitted with one and if so where can I get it done at?

Any help would be appreciated
For a start you would have to check if the connectors are there under the scuttle panel assuming they arent as they dont tend to be you will have to buy a wiring loom from a scrap car then buy the windscreen have the old one professionally removed and the new one professionally fitted as its bonded by now thats around 300-400 now you need a screen timer relay then the gem module needs programmed which ford wont do so youll need a laptop and the software to do that then you need the button no one i know does it you would have to wire it youreself total cost around 500-600 its a lot of wiring and quite complicated so it can be done if you can do it and know how to ive read 2 people did it and neither screen stayed working for long
Andy H Dibley
Heated front screen or the 'quickclear' system is something I am now speccing on any daily I get in the future.

As the above, it is a fair old bit of work to wire in and get going. I believe it's part of the climate package Ford offered.
i was told by my Ford parts guy that all Fords have a wiring system that fits all the same models - i.e the wires are the same in an Focus RS and a Focus style. He told me that i needed the switch, relay and the windscreen.

so a nice crack in the windscreen (call your insurance co for a replacement for £60), relay from Ford and switch off ebay and bobs your uncle?
The parts guy is talking out his rear end they dont all use the same looms thats why some have footwell wiring others dont dipped mirror wires others dont ford only use the full loom when they dont have the spec of loom required to fit the specs of the car my mk1 zetec had a full loom many others didnt its a gamble as to wether its fitted or not depending on the options requested when it was first ordered. Its necessary to get a manual and trace all the wiring if the looms fitted its as easy as above if not its a far bigger job im sure the sport being such a basic model did not come with a full loom unless climate pack was requested.
My mates 2007 zetec didnt have the climate pack and there's no wiring to be found also he was told his gem doesnt have the timing feature to fit the windscreen

hi all,




  Check your fuse box on your engine bay and see if u got connectors for 2 40amp fuses and a relay (just look at the diagram on the lid for locations) plus the wiring close to the windscreen if so all u need is to get the switch, relay and fuses and the windscreen obviously. About ecu activation all u need is someone with a modified elm327 to activate it for u.




    Do this before u think to do something else cause in my case i've got a 55 reg lx that as all u know doesn't have almost anything and i found wiring for rain and light sensors heated windscreen and fog lights.

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