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Full Version: Aftermarket Usb / Aux
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Has anyone fitted one of these

If so are they any good? or can anyone advise me on a better way to connect my iphone to my stereo


I believe you can only use those of you have a usb in the rear or you buy a usb conversion cable to fit into the aux on the rear of the cd player like me youll have the cd600 so youll need one of these

I had the same problem when i first brought my Firsta... It had that stupid 3-tier stereo with no aux in port for my iphone to play my music!! I brought a radio transmitter off ebay... Works a treat and sooo cheap!!

.... Even comes with a remote lol. Best alternative i found!


However, this will only work for an iphone/ipod/ipad as it is an 'i' watever connector....
U can also buy aux jack ones too tho :)
I came across a website many years ago, that tought you how to wire in an aux plug to the rear bunch of cables. it doesnt allow you to wire in USB though as the software doesnt support it...
No need to wire aux plugs all cd600 with the aux button on the front get a simple lead from ebay or ford it plugs into the aux socket on the rear and has a 3.5mm jack to connect youre ipod the above does exactly the same as long as you have the aux button and using the box full of wizardry allows usb connection
I've got that panel for mine but I've also got the USB music box to input USB to the OEM stereo.

Have a read of this post I made:
Thank you all for the replys ;-)
Haven't got an iphone but the lack of USB was killing me and having looked at all the options I decided to change the head unit, purely for sound quality. Did this with my MK1 and now my MK2. Both times I have used a Sony head unit, the sound improvement is noticeable so it shows how good the stock speakers are. My latest head unit is the [color=#000000][font=arial][size=3]DSX-S300BTX.[/size][/font][/color]
This is a original Ford USB retrofit system, doesn't support iOhoned/pods but will take memory sticks.
They're about twice the ptice from a dealers.


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