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Full Version: Glow Plug Light Flashes Under Heavy Acceleration
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Hi - just signed up today to try get some advice on this problem - I see it has been mentioned in several posts already but here's my symptons.

Car is a 55 plate 2.0 TDCi estate - 70K on clock - mostly round town (5-10 mins drive to work everyday) with more recently some blasts up the motorway to take my little darlings to Uni. Car has always run well and never let me down.

Queue the bad weather last week. On way from home, (only a couple of minutes into journey) put foot down to pull away from a junction and car hestitated - like hitting a rev limiter. Tried it again on open road and same again but this time yellow glow plug light flashed and stayed on until I got home. Killed the engine and restared fine - no light

Notice same symptoms once of twice again this week. If I build up revs slowly it doesn't have a problem. If I hit the gas it does.

Changed the air filter cos it was full of crap. Someone at work suggested a can of redex. Someone else said sell it, before it dies completely...

Car is only worth £2-3K so now worth shelling out lots on injectors

Any advice please......
[i]will be more help if you can post the codes that will be stored in the ecu after these events to give a idea of whats happening as many things could be the cause from cam sensor to failing pump/injectors.[/i]
I don't have the means to do that unfortunately - I will need to find a local garage. How much would a main dealer charge to run the diagnostics ?
i had a company come and do mine and cost me £25 worth a look on the net for local mobile mechanics that do it
Just found a guy in my village that does it :-)

P0251 - something to do with the EGR not closing (or did he say opening) - anyway, he reckons I should remove something and give it a clean....

i may be wrong as i got confused with my own codes but p0251 is one of the codes that i had injector pump meter control but if it is the egr valve if you search google you will find posts on cleaning it
p0251 is a precursur to another code about to appear could be the egr valve which is easy to strip out and clean, but as the code relates more to fuel pressure id not hold much hope of it fixing the problem by just cleaning the egr as ford specific codes will be stored you may need a more advanced code reader to show them up

google p0251 for a better definition and more will be revealed
Tks - it was running pukka Ford software (or at least he said it was) - the guy revved the engine and monitored the EGR reading live - said it should close whent revved and was still showing 2-3mm, hence him thinking it was sticking.

I've googled the code and scared myself by the number of posts saying they changed this, that and the other and didn't pin down the exact reason - everything from a bunged up fuel filter to new injectors.

I'm going on holiday in two weeks time - it has to get me to Gatwick (130 miles) - think its safe to drive if I don't cane it ?
If you dont want to spend a lot, start by buying WHYNNS EGR VALVE CLEANER and a tub of BG244, this is the best treatment you can give your car short of colonic irrigation :)

As for the drive, it really depends how much of a chance you want to take, it might get you there, but doing nothing is the best way to ensure it doesnt get you there :)

If you can, start off with what I suggested, this cleans the EGR valve, if its just coked up with carbon, this helps to remove it, and allow it to close, BG244 cleans out the entire fuel system and helps to clean further deposits from the engine, again helping the EGR valve also.
Ok, I'll track some down - don't think Mr Halford sells it so will have to order some. Read that its pretty easy to take the valve off so I'l have a shufty and see how bunged up it is. Have to wait a day or two though - snowing pretty heavy now and no garage :-(
Probably will take a little while to get the stuff to you anyway, but thats a good starting point anyway!
Egr issues are very common on the mondeos...

Think they are about £300 to replace

Your best bet is to take it off and clean it manually, I've never found those egr cleaners any good!
Thanks for the advice everyone. I took it off tonight and it was well bunged up. Gave it a thorough clean with Gunk and WD40 and put it back together - job done in less than an hour and only one socket lost in the process (somewhere in a snow drift) - quite good for me !

Gave it a quick run up and down the main road and no flashing lights - yippee !

Think I'll treat it to a tin of BG244 anyway, but thankfully I think I may well have fixed it :)
Glad you seem to have sorted it, if you do get any time free, its always worth posting a few pictures and suggestions on the process so that others can follow :)

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