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Full Version: Whats This For ?
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could some kind soul tell me what this hole on the back of my headunit is for ?

the black hole :P

cheers peeps :D


need advice on why pic never showed up as well lol
Cd/Md changer socket by the looks of things
[quote name='TDCiST' timestamp='1358787541' post='229013']
Cd/Md changer socket by the looks of things

unbaffle me Dave :lol:

cd minidisc is that ? (googled) :lol:

if it far does the wire go/where to ?
cd changer cable...

i took this headunit out my hyundai coupe when i got my fiesta the other day...

there is a sub in the boot of the fiesta but i aint got a clue how to wire it up..all the wires are there...

tried the headunit in the fiesta and could`nt get any theres no power going to the sub...would that cause this ??? or should i still get my "normal" volume from my speakers ???

was left with a pink..yes pink wire lol thinking this is power for the sub ???
Yes, Cd/Minidisc Changer... I had a Minidisc changer in my old fiesta for a while... Its now sat in the garage collecting dust!

The wire (That you'll get with a a changer) will plug into this, and you will also get 2 phono leads to carry the audio.

As for your sub, I cant comment, I don't have one on mine... I'm guessing this is an aftermarket stereo??
ahhhhh got you...yeah its a sony headunit Dave...

dont understand why the cd/md cable was plugged into the headunit when it was in the i never knew it had 1...or never come across it lol

cheers for your help Dave mate ;)

will have a tinker tomorrow with my stuff and see if i get it working

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