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Full Version: Osram Cool Blue Intense Side Lights
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Ok guys asking a favour here I am thinking on getting osram cool blue sides have any of you got them if so could you throw up a pic during daylight and night time please just to get a general idea of what they look like or am I better off with my current ones (see profile pic)
put the head and dipped beam cool blues in last week
just got the sidelights through today - i'll post some pics tomorrow
but if anything like the others im guessing i'll love them! :D

on a close note, does anyone know if anything is printed on the sidelight bulbs? ..the other two were in the osram boxes but these ones were just in bubble wrap :unsure: ([size=1][url=""][/url] [size=4])[/size][/size]
They usually come in a blister pac like this-


But if the bulbs are the same in appearance then possibly they rewrapped them to save postage costs.
That's what i was thinking put them in and see how they look

..provided they look genuine I'll post a pic for k13r4n :)
I just put LED sidelights in, a cluster of 4 white, my avatar is the picture just as dark pulls in with sidelights, I am quite happy with them and think they are just as good as the OSRAM (IMHO) as a friend at work had these, and we sat our cars together, and put the sidelights on - very little difference!
Isn't the problem with LEDs that they get heated up and that's what causes the annoying pulsing effect?
They do look good when used on their own though
Cant say I have seen that error as of yet. I haven't had any pulsing at all... I think it depends, if you buy cheap ones that are not CANBUS Error free, you are more likely to see this error.
yeh, judging by the cars you usually see it in its probably cheap ones! lol

and sorry mate, been busy tonight so didnt get the bulbs in
doesnt matter if they are can bus or not the focus headlight due to its design retains heat none of these leds are heat resistant give it a while and youll smell the burning as the light starts to flicker and the chip starts to burn if you catch it in time it wont melt the plastic holder well known issue on many cars and many forums hence why leds are not very good as sidelights
Thanks for the heads up on that artscot, I think I will have to routinely check them and ensure that it behaves itself!
youll smell them first check the circuit board part for browning or burning its a good indication as to the fact they are over heating
to be honest, I think the sidelights I have dont have a circuit board. (well, at least not visible anyway!)


I went really cheap to try them out, and think that since I like them, I am tempted to invest maybe a few quid more if I can find something a little less "plastic"

Cant complain though, every minute of driving for the last three weeks has had headlights and sidelights on, minimum of 2 hours driving per day, and no issues so far!
fitted the cool blues tonight
..looking from the side they dont look must whiter, but seeing them straight on you can see the difference

iv taken some pictures but they really dont show anything, and even less so in the day

..bonnet up picture is part way through, the driverside is cool blue and offside standard (really cant see anything! lol)
next is both cool blue side lights

again, the pictures dont seem to do them justice!
Thanks for the pics look really bright for side lights
i took pics at all 3 stages ..youre right they do look bright, but its definatly just the sides there
i think its just because im right in front of them though :)

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