[b]Buy a 4 litre bottle from Castrol's top of the range Castrol EDGE range and receive:[/b]

[b]- a FREE 1 litre bottle of Castrol EDGE (same grade as your 4 litre)[/b]
[b]- a FREE pouch (ideal for keeping your 1 litre bottle in your boot for top-ups)[/b]
[b]- a FREE disposable top-up kit[/b]

Fancy stocking up? You can order any number of 4 litre bottles to get the same number of 1 litre bottles and pouches free, for example, if you buy 4 x 4 litres you will receive 4 x 1 litres and 4 pouches free (each pouch will have a disposable oil top up kit inside which contains gloves, funnel and wipes).

Castrol Edge is available in 0w-30, 0w-30 A5/B5, 0w-40 A3/B4, 5w-30, 5w-40, TD 5w-40 & 10w-60 grades, all of which can be found [url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/vsearch.aspx?SearchTerm=edgeoffer][b]HERE > > > >[/b][/url]

[b]That's not the only offer we have running :[/b]

- [b]Fuchs Titan Race Pro S & R - 5L only £39.99[/b]
- [b]Millers CFS engine oils only £43.99[/b]
- [b]Huge discounts on Fuchs TITAN XTR 5w-30 and TITAN SYN MC 10w-40[/b]
- [b]15% OFF all Millers Classic oils & fluids[/b]
- [b]20% OFF all Gulf Competition oils & fluids[/b]
- [b]20% OFF all Winter products[/b]

View all current offers from Opie Oils [url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-Current-Offer.aspx][b]HERE > > > > >[/b][/url]

As always, if you have any questions or need any advice then feel free to ask

[b]- The team at Opie Oils[/b]