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Full Version: S-Max Wipers On Permanently
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HELP, my 10 plate s-max front wipers come at max speed when the car hits 25 mph. When i slow down below 25mph they stop again. they will work off the stick when going slow. soon as i speed up, they come at max speed again. And car is out of warrenty. ANY IDEAS?
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You dont have an auto switch on your wipers do you?

Sounds to me like something may have clicked and then the switch has broken, unable to disable it?
HI, No I don't have auto's. they have always worked fine until yesterday. I read a thread via google that suggested discounecting the battery for 30 mins. willing to try anything. will go to a car electritian if the battery thing don't work
Its as good a place to start as any. I would suggest, read your manual. See if it mentions anywhere, auto wipers, it might be that something else is triggering it, or a hidden switch / combination you have found has switched this feature on... hopefully the battery disconnect should resolve that.
Thanks for your replies, will post the outcome. fingers crossed
hey there, i disconnected the battery for 40 mins, reconnected it and the problem was still there. after looking at the manual, i then removed fuse F22. the problem has now stopped.when i replace the fuse with a new one, will the problem return? if it does, is it likely to be a short or as is more likely, a problem due to the alarm that i have been reading about. any advise would be great. all ideas are better than none
It has to be a short on the wiper system, probably a dry earth or something similar.
The relay may be another option to look into.


There have been reports of odd wiper behaviour being linked to issues with the alarm system having gone faulty and sending erroneous messages on the CANBUS. You're not getting any "Alarm Service" messages on the dash are you?

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