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Full Version: Internet Explorer 10 Beta
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Just tried IE10 Beta and found i had problems with the Forum.
It wouldn't let me post new messages correctly, wouldn't allow a line return at the end of a sentence, messed with font style and size and generally bugged the hell out of me.
Anyone else running IE10 Beta or contemplating trying it?
Anyone else who's trying it had problems like me?
I had to do a system restore to roll back to IE9 to get proper functionality back.
Using IE9 at the moment but thinking of changing as it seems to be freezing a lot lately, mind you is IE the best of a bad bunch as most of my friends are on other browsers have the same problems
I don't use IE, but problems with it don't suprise me. It is just not standards compliant, makes developing sites a nightmare. You have to have conditional code going on everywhere to fix things for IE, and it's not like it is just for all versions of IE, each new one behaves differently and introduces more problems.

That said, I appreciate a lot of people like using IE and even with the latest IE10, there should still be compatibility view which will help render the page as IE8 I believe.

If you really want to try something good, give Chrome or Firefox a go. I personally use Firefox, mainly because it tends to be a bit less flakey than Chrome and also has more features that I use. That said, a lot of people appreciate the speed of Chrome, which is why I use it on my Android phone.
Firefox or Chrome for me. I give up with IE10, even the latest and greatest is a write off before its left the office.
I know it's only a beta and you're to expect wrinkles but the inability to use the return key when posting messages on a forum is a biggie to me.
I haven't used IE in an age, hate the program. Been using Chrome for ages.
[quote name='b1g_dav3' timestamp='1359243382' post='230592']
I haven't used IE in an age, hate the program. Been using Chrome for ages.

Amen brother!

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