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Full Version: Genuine Ford?
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bought some genuine 18" ST alloys ..i think!

got a bit suspicious when i saw the ford badge was pretty messy, and on the other side it looks like it just pops out
theres also no ford markings anywhere on the wheels

Can anyone shine any light on how to check or offer any advise?

Thanks :)
Not meaning to be the bearer of bad news mate, but pretty sure they're replicas. The centre caps anyway are definitely not genuine Ford, and I don't recognise some of the markings on the inside.

They're made by Ronal, so should have the following markings on them I think...

RONAL 1540
M200 8jX 18h2,,,et52.5
6mj5-1007-AA jil

I can't seem to find any pics on the laptop of the markings on mine (and I ain't removing a wheel in that weather, haha!), but will take a Google to see if I can find anything to show you more clearly.
Where and when did you buy them?
Thanks for the reply lads
Il check them tonight for those marks

And ebay, where else?! Lol
Iv got the guys number that i can try though
Looks like there is a DMB (or similar) badge over the Ford centre cap to me as the inside of the centre cap looks correct.

The markings do look pretty similar to mine on the inside but without getting my spare set out the shed (it's still snowed in) I can't confirm.

If they are fake (which I don't think they are) then they're a good copy.

Found a couple of pictures in my PB account of genuine ones with various characters on the back:


[quote name='Dal.' timestamp='1359113828' post='230182']
Looks like there is a DMB (or similar) badge over the Ford centre cap to me as the inside of the centre cap looks correct.

I'm sure the centre caps aren't genuine. They're a shiny silver plastic with different tabs...should look more like pics below.

Looks like generic centre caps, albeit with a badge over the top as you say, like these, shiny silver with a hole in the middle...


And the markings on the pic you've added showing '8Jx18H2' and 'ET52.5' below it are different from the OP's pic showing the rim width/diameter.

EDIT: And I don't recognise the markings on the top left spoke at all, of a circle, square, hexagon etc.
Hmm, now you mention it (and I'm not on my phone) they don't look the same as mine...
finally got a chance to check them out last night

they have:
'J11 VLA 690kg'
'08' then lines '09' lines '10' lines
'916 18x18JJ'
'60PSI ET'

heres a couple pictures, one of centre caps (which obv arent ford, but that doesnt mean much) and one of the weird lines

whats peoples thoughts? ..argue the toss?

cheers :)
If they dont have Ronal on them then I'd say they are just replicas mate
That's what i worried about mate!
Im sure i would have spotted it if it was there

..and has anyone had a similar problem? ..what would you say are the first steps in doing something about this?

If they advertised them as genuine Ford wheels i'd go to a Dealer and get them to verify in writing whether they are or not then chase the seller as it's fraud.
i can categorically say that these are not genuine parts, i see a lot of wheels and i can tell them apart, i have got t the point where i can tell them by looking at the face of them , even as far as mercedes amg wheels, and there resoective replicas. comes from doing bodyshop parts for a long while
Yeah, they're definitely replicas Tom, unfortunately. Have you had any contact with the seller yet?

As Clive says, if they were advertised/sold as genuine items, then you should have a strong case for a refund. Just hassle you could be doin without I'm sure mate!
Thanks for the confirmation

I was hoping it would be a case of him being unaware of it and just give me a bit money back.
But after texting him saying he situation and getting a blunt reply saying im lying I've ebay message him a link to this thread.
Thought it best to do that so any communication will now be visible to ebay

Best way, keep everything official on eBay and he can't get slippery.

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