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Full Version: Speedometer Is Showing 0 Mph All The Time!
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Two weeks ago we purchased (privetly) an 09 plate SMax and have been loving it ever since. Last night however we got in it and I stated driving and noticed I was driving at 0 MPH, well at least that is what the Speedometer was saying :( . On our return trip it was also registering 0 MPH and has been ever since. What can I do to fix it?

I have so far run the self diagnostic test and it has displayed the following DTC codes:


Any help will be gratefully received!
Is the mileage staying the same as well mate and is the ABS light on by any chance? Similar happened on my Focus when the ABS sensor was playing up, as it's the speed sensor as well. Speedo stayed at 0, hence the car didn't think it was moving and the odometer stopped increasing as well. I replaced the sensor, but turned out to be a loose or broken wire somewhere.

Sorry I can't help you with the codes to give you a more accurate diagnosis! Oh, and welcome to the site by the way!
I wonder how this affects power steering?
I never noticed any difference in steering when I had the issue, just saved me a few miles on the trip computer before I got round to getting it fixed, haha! I just used the speedo on the sat nav until I got it sorted.
Thanks for the Welcome and adive so far! The milage is increasing and their is no ABS light on the dash. So hopefully we can rule the ABS sensor out? What can I check next?

Good tip on the sat nav :)
speedo stays at 0 and the miles keep increasing. Could be a wiring issue from the sensor to the dash?

It is a standard speedo isnt it, or is it a digital?
It is a standard speedo. (convers+ dash).

Thanks for the advice, I will have a quick look, but I guess a dodgy wire will need slightly more experience than I have. Do you have any pointers or places you suggest looking first?.
My wife has also told me that the other counters do not move either. Come to think of it when I did the self diagnostic test on the instructions on YouTube I saw the counters all went to mac and down again, in garage sweep. When I did the test non of them moved. Does this mean a fuse or something else?
Thanks for all your help! In the end I disconnected the battery, put the + and - terminals together for a minute and left them disconnected for about 20 minutes, to make absolutely sure the power was drained. Plug them back in and did a self diagnostic test and it worked!
Sounds like thats beneficial, but I would keep an eye on it, it sounds like it could turn out to be something more cynical...

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