We have nearly connected all the hose to our car but here are some hoses which are still haning around and not connected at one end.

Part 1: 9M5Q-9K272-AB [size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]HOSE - INTAKE MANIFOLD [/background][/size]
[size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]Back end is connected to somewhere behind the engine and we don't know where the front goes in. I think its the hose 9F722 in pic 1[/background][/size]

[size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]Part 2: AG9N-7B344-BA[/background][/size]
[background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]can't find this part on the web but this pipe looks exactly as 7B344 here [url="http://bilpart.ru/ford/parts/manufactur/ford/year/2008/model/130/group/1177497/shared/1"]http://bilpart.ru/ford/parts/manufactur/ford/year/2008/model/130/group/1177497/shared/1[/url][/background]
[background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]part could be: 6G91-7B344-BA[/background]

[size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]part 3: 6M21-U023A26-AG[/background][/size]
[size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)][size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]TUBE ASSEMBLY[/background][/size][/background][/size]
[size=2][background=rgb(230, 236, 249)]Connects somewhere at the back and near gearbox i think. shown as <01523 here [url="http://www.gb-auto.ru/part/6302"]http://www.gb-auto.ru/part/6302[/url] [/background][/size]