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Full Version: Ford Focus 1.8I Ecu
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Chris R
Hi everyone,

I have recently bought a 2005 (mk 1 facelift) as a non runner, after a bit of messing about I have narrowed it down to the ECU at fault.

I have an older 1.8i Focus i am running at the moment which i put the ECU in and it stared fine whereas it would not even turn over before!

I am looking at getting an ECU kit off eBay and have seen some with all keys and locks ect, my question to you guys is that one listing i have seen says that it fits all different engine types and sizes. I would of thought that the ECU would have to at least be off the same engine in order for it to run?

Can sombody confirm that any ECU from a mark 1 petrol or diesel would work?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Chris.
I think you have to match the code numbers on the ECU to the one your replacing
Chris R
Hi, thanks for your answer, I forgot to put that sombody already put a 2nd hand ECU in and that was either dead or not programmed to the key!

So I'm not even sure which is the original ECU as neither will run the car. (there was a 2nd ECU loose in the car)

Thats going to make it tricky , to get the correct one for the car , like you say it probably will need to have the keys coded as well.

If one of the ECU's is from a breakers , usually they mark it with paint incase you take it back , see if someone has marked it some how , you at least then might know which is the original
Chris R
Hi, you were right about the marking, this ECU pictured is the one that was loose in the car and is hopefully the original one!

can you tell me which numbers I need to match up if i get an ECU kit, or does it not matter if I get a full kit, ecu keys locks etc.

Many thanks

the number you need to match is 1s4f-12a650-ahb , ECU alone then you need to pay for programming , full kit will be more money , so you will have to see which will be cheaper.

1s4f-12a650-ahb - reports to a focus 2.0
Chris R
hmmm, ok. I will check the ECU from my other car as It did start up with it and the chip of course, the only thing i remember is it said OPEN instead of TEAR. do you know if Ford would be able to program keys (including the master blue chip key) into another ECU?

Thanks again
Yes they should be able to program it , but no idea on price

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