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Full Version: Clutch Repair Refused Under Warrenty
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I bought new ford focus 1.6 6 months old about 4weeks ago all of a sudden the clutch went the car was taken in I was told because of my driving the repair/replacement for the clutch was refused by ford they told me it was my driving. this is my 5th car purchased by this garage. I have never driven any differently over the years. I have never had this problem before with the garage

Has anyone had the same problem where they refused repair under warrenty. Has anyone any advice legally. This has been very distressing
Don't stand to be spoken to by them like that, to destroy a clutch in 4 weeks and probably only a few hundred miles you must have been driving it like a lunatic!
unfortunately this sounds like a typical answer from ford and how can they possibly say that, what proof do they have?!

hopefully someone will be able to give you some advice on where you stand and what to do next

Hello and welcome btw :)
Hi and welcome to the forum, is the car a Mk3 and how many miles has it done? I suggest a call to the Ford Customer Services [url=""][/url] A clutch on a 7 month old car shouldn't go unless it has done a phenomenal mileage...
how can they pin the bad driving on you? second owner - what was the reason the 1st owner sold the car on @ 6months old.. i had a new clutch in my fiesta @ 9k ( 30 months old) used to crunch in every gear ..changed the clutch on warranty but they managed to kill the driveshaft bearing which they wouldnt replace .. if it was me i'd ask to see the service manager and request an explaination of how they came to their evaluation of your driving - previous owner bad driver ..garage sold on a defect car ..that would be my opening sentance
That is rediculous, to refuse any sort of claim based on something of little age is stupid.

Out of curiosity how many miles has she done?

The Sale of Goods act entitles the owner to a full refund, replacement or repair, because your car is older than this, you will likely need an independant experts report to prove that the fault is inherent, should Ford not acknowledge the repair. You may need a report from someone such as who can do an independant report. If the fault is inherent, then the repair must be completed and a refund for your report.

Which dealer do you use?
what was the fault with the clutch, did it just fail completely or is it slipping etc? how on earth they know whats wrong with it without a strip down and inspection is beyond me
agree with all the above 4 weeks old for it to have been you youde have to be riding the clutch constantly there was an issue with faulty clutch springs not disengaging the clutch properly sounds to me like this is the case you have rights call the citizens advice berau they will tell you that you have rights and list them then go in or call ford uk armed with that info

good luck

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