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Full Version: Footwell Wiring Help!?!
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Hi guys, just finished the lower portion of my footwell lighting so now need to splice in to the interior light but unsure which colour wires to splice in to??

Help needed please. :)
trace the wires from the interior light down the passenger side pillar i used a loom from ebay that just plugs in to the lighting plugs and wired the footwell lights to there

stoney where are you lol....................................
Where you have the double connector on one side of the light casing touch the new wire to one terminal and then the other one, the one that works with the door open is the right one.
The other terminal will light the footwell lights no immediately as it's the permanent live feed to the on switch of the light fitting.
I'll try to suss the wires and terminals more accurately when I'm home.
Currently running the dogs on the moors.
Cheers mate that'll be great ;)

Enjoy your walk!!

Believe it will be the terminal laying flat (with arrow) on the left of the photo you need to connect to, check like i said above and you'll know for sure.
If the lights go on immediately without moving switches or with the door being opened then it will be the other one you need.
Chees artscot, electrics not my forte I'm afraid, started from scratch with the footwell lighting as had nothing there, managed to fit the bulb holders and all wiring up the a pillar to the interior light.....then I was stumped!! Lol ;)
Thanks stoney, that's great will have another look on my lunch break tomorrow. :)
Ok mate, please do let us know exactly which wire you tap into as when I fitted my footwells i used a feed off an illuminated ignition ring so didn't have to go all the way to the courtesy light.
Yep will do stoney, thanks for your help mate! :)
In your illuminated ignition ring, i believe there was a plug where you could connect it to the courtesy light without the need for altering any cables...

Does anyone know if we can get such a connector to fit to the footwells?
Lol Footwell lighting success!!

All wired up and looking good!!

And stoney thanks for your help, the cable I needed to connect to was next to the one you said in your picture mate!! ;)
So to confirm it was the one that sits sideways on the double plug side?
Good to know.
Yep that's right mate, has two wires coming out of it.
Information stored for later reference. :D

Hey All,


Im wanting to this myself and i have check and i have a hole in the footwell but no holder and i couldnt see any cables straight away.


What do i need? just some cable and the 5w5 bulb holder or could i get some SMD's strips to stick down there?



Also when wireing to the courtesy light will the footwell lighting stay on or just when the doors are open?


Ima complete noob with electrics lol even if i did do part of an apprenticship in it lol :P


Depending on the expected result, you have many options on the lights and the holders. You could either get 5w5 holders and install them in the wholes you have, or get led strips and position them underneath those wholes. The second option will give you more light, although i am more than happy with 5w5 holders.


In terms of wiring, you need some cable (around 4-5 meters i think) which you can run from the side of the windscreen, up to the courtesy light. That one has 3 cables, and if you select the two used by the middle light, you will have the footwell dimming together with it.


I have the system as above for ages, but i now consider buying the illuminated key ring as well. That one, will give you the cable to run to the courtesy light, connectors get power from the courtesy light without any modification, and you can then piggy back that cable with snap on connectors, to get light for the footwells, without any permanent modifications to the car.


p.s. 1 The key ring comes in other colors too. You can get white, blue and red i think.

p.s. 2 Check the cables before buying the snap on connectors. I am not sure if you need the ones for 3.5mm or a different one.


I did a slightly different footwell lighting compared to Lenny's guide. I am at some point going to draw up a specific guide to doing it the way I did, and probably collaborate with Lenny to build on his guide.


I too used an illuminated ignition barrel as the source wires for the power, then fed two seperate lines of speaker wire to the LED's in the footwells.

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