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Full Version: Where Has The Update / Bluetooth Audio Gone?
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I have recently purchased and 09 SMax with the NX navigation system installed. I could not get it to recognise my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3), however reading throguh the manual, it suggested doing an update via I did this and whilst it did not confirm it had completed and turned off about 20 minutes into it, it did display the bluetooth audio option.

I then had an issue with where the guages did not work (even in diagnostic mode, but that is a whole other sotry) and to resolve this I disconnected the battery and whilst this resolved the gauge issue, the bluetooth audio option has now disappeared?

I thought it may ahve just reset back to what it was before and needed me to run the update again, however when I try to apply the update it says update not required. Does anyone have any ideas what I can try?
If I remember correctly, the 09 satnav needed a firmware upgrade (may already be installed on yours) and a change to vehicle settings (via workshop PC/IDS) to enable BT audio. The check for the setting may have been skipped once after your update, and then only been done after the reset (thus disabling the option again).
Is your phone still paired. Maybe try pairing again or. even remove paired phone and repair it

Thanks for the replys.

I have tried to update the NX to SP 5.3 and this updated, but did not bring back any bluetooth functionality. Interestingly there is a service menu on the NX that is accessed by holding the NAV and Menu buttons for a second and then when you let go it takes you there, to several tests and versions menu.

I have also tried repairing, thanks for the suggestion.

I guess it will be a trip to Ford and hefty wedge. Does anyone konw how much it would reoughly be?
To be clear - is your issue with Bluetooth Audio (music playback via Bluetooth), or is all Bluetooth functionality gone? If it's the latter, the handsfree module needs a reset (via fuse or battery reconnect), if this doesn't help, the attempted update probably bricked it.
Thanks tomtom70, I can still use and see the options for Bluetooth phone (calls, phone book etc.) however I no longer see the Bluetooth option in the CD/AUX menu? I will try resting the Bluetooth module tonight, just in case and let you know how it goes.
Kevin B

Hi philljoynes,


Did the Bluetooth reset sort out the Bluetooth Audio issue ?

Unfortunately not. I even took it to the Ford dealer for another issue and asked then to have a look at this at the same time and perform all the updates they could. They couldn't fix it and didn't know why.

The grumpy man told me that I should not mess with updating the car myselfmyself! To which I replied, that the manual told me to do it and gave me instructions on how to do so. To which he said Food really shouldn't be doing that.

I have done sold the car (the 2.3 litre petrol engine was a little thirsty and a killer on tax).

Sorry I couldn't help more.

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