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Full Version: Glow Plug Lite Flashing???
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<_< i just bought a focus 18tdci ghia 2003(52) only got it saturday on the way home from work the glow plug lite started flashing ang i think it went into limp mode would'nt rev past 3000, when i got home i switched it off waited a bit started it up and the lite didnt flash and the revs went back to normal, wot could this be guys, i hope i aint bought a lemon :(
Just sounds like the glow plugs need replacing, they probably havent been done for a while....
The glow plug light can mean a few things on the focus... Best to get the codes read and go from there.
Yes, the glow plug light is also the engine management light, so if it flashes it may have nothing to do with the glow plug/s, the most likely thing it could be is the EGR valve, fitting a solid blanking plate can fix this

As above, you can pay a garage £80 or more to get your codes read, or buy a code reader and do it as often as you like -


This is a stand-alone code reader (no laptop/s required) and it reads the Ford protocols (some don't) and can also reset the codes if nessesary

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i had the fuel filter changed cos i was told when it was plugged in it could be the fuel injection pump (well expensive) so its now process of ilimination so first the fuel pump, i noticed on all the service papers all other filters apart from fuel filter had been changed, ive had that changed but first thing in morning wen its cold it takes a few turns to get it started but after that its fine, on fri its booked in for oil service and another checkup, the injectors have been checked and are ok, the next thing i need to do is egr valve i done it on my mondeo but not sure about focus ive seen some spray (wynns egr cleaner) is it ok to use or do i have to take the car apart, i really dont want to be spending out for a new injection pump, :mellow:

<_< thinkin corsa <_<
:) tested car out today going and coming from work and it seems to be running ok when pushing it abit up hill (where it used to get the fault) no problems and it seems to run smoother than before :D so im hoping that the fuel filter was the cause, still going to clean egr though,
so at the moment all is well with the old girl (the car that is not the missus) :lol: :lol:

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