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Full Version: Rattle.....
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O.k,now I have noticed a rattle when I turn engine off.Is this common or is something gonna go bad...
Bit more info may help a little, what engine size, petrol or diesel etc. What type of rattle, or is it more like a clicking ???
Andy H Dibley
Just in case you're on your mobile Mike and can't see, he's got a 2007 1.6 TDCi.

A bit more info would be handy Jeff, could you get someone to pinpoint where it is if you had the bonnet up when turning it off?
engine mounts probably. i got the same issue and once driving down the road the gearbox side mount came undone :S
Sorry for lack of info.Yes mine is a 1.6 tdci mk2.Rattle happens for a split second when engine is turned off.Not too sure where sound is coming from but will get me missus to turn car on and off and have a good listen...I'll keep you posted ...
Jeff, can you do a test for us?

- Turn on the ignition (but DO NOT start the engine)
- Wait a few seconds
- Then turn the ignition off again.

Do you still hear the rattle?

If so, its likely to be the EGR valve doing a self-clean, and is perfectly normal. My 1.8 TDCi does it, and the Ford dealer explained what it was.
Second what pitmonster says, my 1.8tdci also does this.
Thanx for reply pitmonster,tried it but no sound at all,just when engine stops.Maybe its my parahnoia, as I had a Honda jazz before this focus and it was petrol and you could not hear the engine running with doors closed lol I used to check the rev gauge to see if it was still running.I think the problem is reading about all the problems other members have had and then thinking I have the same symptons etc.Its like when you have a pain somewhere on your body you go on the internet and find out what it could be and open a pandoras box of worry....Note to self...not every car is the same... :blink: ..

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