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Full Version: Great Deal On Oil Change....i Think...
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Need to do an o and f change as not sure if garage did it on last service so decided to stick Castrol magnetic fully synth in as its the dogs nads...Gonna cost me 30 quid for 4 ltrs and a fiver for the filter.So called national tyres etc said they could do it for 39 all in but an extra charge of 12 quid to take undertray off.So I went to there website booked it online for 35 all in and using Castrol fully synth magnetic oil.I have just taken the undertray of took less than 1/2 hr.So for 35 quid I think that's a good deal unless anyone on here gets it done cheaper that is... :D
And how do you know there using Castrol fully synthetic oil and oe ford parts, if you had facility to remove the under try then I would of just done it my self knowing exactly what parts are being used.
[u]Well[u] I hope they use Castrol as its advertised on their website etc so would be a visit from trading standards if they don't..Not only that when I take car round on Friday I will watch them doit..As for doing the job my self,its gonna cost me the same price to get the oil and filter and then spend at least an 45 mins doing the job and then dispose of the old oil down the tip(not drain)[/u][/u]
Ford oil is castrol and cheaper than most motor factors wouldnt touch national tyres they put 2 front tyres on my sisters pug stripped 3 bolts doing it and said nowt till my sister got half a mile down the road the 4th bolt snapped sending the wheel through the arch then they had the cheek to say its the owners responsibility to check before driving away ive also seen them pour cheap oil into empty more expensive containers not saying they all do it but if youre happy personally it wouldnt be me

Check everything before you leave 12 quid to undo a few bolts theyre having a laugh surely
Thanx for headsup Arthur,I will make sure everything is tight and secure before I leave the premises.Bad news about your sis pug did she manage to make a claim against them for repair costs etc?I will ask to see the oil before they put it in and watch them do the job...And yeah 12 quid to undo 6 screws is daylight robbery that's why I did it myself..
Nope never got anywhere with the claim sadly

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