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Full Version: Galaxy S3 6000Cd
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Hi all. Today I picked up my 57 reg 2.0 tdci zetec mondeo and loving every minute of it. First job is to fit the tailgate modification but whilst I'm waiting for the strips another little thing has got me confused. I own a galaxy s3 and thought that it would be able to connect to the 6000cd hu in the car via bluetooth. When I did a scan the following showed on my phone c3300k(06**). When I tried to pair to this I got a message stating "unable to pair to c3300k(06**). I have searched through google and watched a video on you tube but to no avail. The video showed how to enter advanced menu and tutn on bt but my hu doesn't show this option. Any ideas
Forgot to say the video showed the squarer model whereas my hu is the curved corner model.
On the S3 , when you search enter the bluetooth on the S3 and make it "visable" , it will then pick it up.
Phone is visable but still wont pair. I've read the owners manual ref removing any old mobiles connected to the hu but none of that seems relevant. This has got me stumped.
Are you sure your car is equipped with bluetooth (it would have voice control as well).
C3300K sounds like you found another Samsung phone and not your car's bluetooth (which would be named Ford Audio or similar).
Not sure as only just got the car. Stereo resembles mmobile phone keys. Only phone in range was mine and a blackberry
The radios are the same whether or not bluetooth (which is a separate module) is installed.
Ahh now that makes sense so is there a way to see if the module is present. And what the hell has my phone found with that code lol
As already written above, try the voice control (button on the steering wheel). No voice contro - no (or inoperable) Bluetooth.
Just googled it and it does seem to relate to a samsung device. That doesn't make sense at all. I may well have to have a search of the car to see if theres been a phone left in it lol.
You sure about the C3300[b]K[/b]? If it was C[b]K[/b]3300 - that's a Parrot (aftermarket) Bluetooth kit, which should be installed with it's own little control unit.
Just checked and definately got the code right. It was company owned before I bought it from a garage so wonder if it did have this system fitted. Hmm very interesting possibly had the control unit removed?????????
If you have a Parrot system fitted then you should have a small screen somewhere that looks like this-
However if you did and the screen was removed rather than hidded you would get a series of fast beeps when turning the ignition on as Parrot systems have warning tones to notify of disconnected modules (that is unless the stereo loom patch lead was removed as well) i know this as i have a Parrot system fitted and it did that when my screen went wonky.
Also you would find one of these hidden behind the stereo or dash somewhere (the Parrot control module)-

If you're picking up a C3300K then it would be one of these phones-


Anyone you know own one of these?
Many thanks for the info. Nope don't know anyone with one of those phones. Ive cleared the found devices and will scan again whilst in car away from others. That way I should get a better idea.

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