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Full Version: Car Finance Rip Off??
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my local garage is offering £2000 ( scrappage ? ) towards a new or used car as long as i do it through
a finance company . They say i can then after 14 days pay of the balance if i want too

so theoretically if i buy a £5000 car i borrow £3000 of the finance company..then in
14 days pay off the £3000 in cash i have received £2000 for a vehicle worth
£250 whats the catch

the garage says there isn't one...errrrrm!!

has anyone done this or are they taking the p***
You just have to fully read if there are any penalty clause's written into the finance agreement .
the garage says there's no penalty who's soaking up the £2000 ?
me thinks...too good to be true..but worth investigating further
You will be as the price's for the car are probably top price , which will be their argument for offering 2000 , but it could still be a good deal , and the finance will probably give the garage some thing as well.

i would still double check any agreement.

Long time ago i used to buy on finance and pay it off very quickly , as long as no penalty's it's a very quick way to get your credit score high
the prices for their cars are not linked to finance or trade ins...they're normal book prices
the finance etc are options..i will post what transpires...i have a meet with the garage
on monday to sort a deal??
ps this dealer is well established and respected...but can any dealer be trusted ??
It is a good deal, salesman explained it to me all the way through, only I'd save just £250 so not really worth it for me :P
so how is the £1750 ( extra to me ) explained away
Well what car are you looking at? I also won't be trading in.
the garage is a fiat distributor ( am i now banned ) its round the corner endura DE has failed big time
so its £2000 for a 1999 fiesta 35van that wont start....

so it might be fiat here i come

what planet am i on?
My local Ford Dealer sells Fiat's too so mentioning one is acceptable (just ;) )
thank you for that...i will definitely look for a f... first ( sh..ush)
A lot will contribute just to get you through the door. They have a lot to play with in how much they charge. Go over it with a fine comb is my advice, make sure that everything suits really.
thanks..dead right ( spider to the fly scenario ) advice for anybody buying a car ( or anything else for that matter )
I'll be twisting arms tomorrow for a new Fiesta, I'm not looking for finance though so I can probably get this contribution off with a full up-front payment, or at least some of it.
I looked into buying a Fiesta on finance recently but there were so many catches in the deal I decided to leave till later in the year when I'll have the money buy it outright!
the main consideration when buying via finance is the APR ( [b][i]annual[/i][/b] percentage rate of interest )
most reputable garages will include this in financial packages they are offering
it might be better taking out a bank loan or some other form of loan at a cheaper [b]APR[/b]
paying cash though is the preferred option + you can do a bit of bartering

i didn't get my £2000 because my fiesta happened to be a 35van ( cars only )
but i did do an acceptable deal using cash

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