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Full Version: Got Stopped By The Police Last Night....
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Andy H Dibley
[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]Not in a bad way, but should serve a caution to anyone not on top of their cars safety. [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]Coming back from the pub I go to, I decided to use the motorway rather than the rural route that caused me grief with a deer. Pulling off the motorway, into a 30, must admit wasn't fully aware of my speed, but I know I wasn't speeding. Out of no where a red light stick appears and waves me into a side road where it would appear half of Thames Valleys finest are waiting. [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]I got asked for my driving license, who I was insured with, what I was doing, and then asked, when did I last check my tyres. I'm a bit anal when it comes to stuff like that, I try to do it every time I wash the car which is at least twice a month. Anyway, I say it had an MOT two weeks ago, they give me a free check all the same. Then he leans in the window, which I must admit was a bit off putting and spots a zip tie bag on the passenger seat. I guess thinking he's possibly just uncovered the worst drug runner ever, I reply with 'a tap and some screws...' (Engineers eh!). He then says I'm going to breathalyse you just as a routine thing. [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]Its at this point my rule of no drinking at all when driving final pays off! Even though I was coming back from the pub, I'm sadly one of those types who doesn't drink when I'm driving. So after collecting my souvenir and hearing all my details come back ok, I'm allowed on my way with a warning to watch my speed. [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]All fun and games, but I did see one woman getting a ticket for something. I personally think it's a good thing on the whole, just glad I wasn't in a rush or needing to get anywhere as the 5 minute wait for the all ok was a bit of a nuisance, and makes you twitch a bit. [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]So folks, check your cars over if you're out late, make sure they're legal etc! [/background][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][background=rgb(233, 239, 244)]As for me, I got myself a funky new straw![/background][/size][/font][/color]
Very true! They seem pretty fond of regularly setting up and pulling everyone into a layby just to run all the checks - I think it's a great idea to combat drink drivers and the uninsured... if everything's above board, you've got nothing to worry about!

I do quite a bit of late night driving. I did get odd looks off of an unmarked Octavia VRS parked up on a roundabout on the A45 around midnight the other day when I approached it a bit too quick (just didn't notice it until the last second)... luckily I think they were purposely parked there to catch someone out as just up the road was a marked Volvo parked in wait.

Does make you wonder how many cars around at night aren't legit though...
More than you'd believe.
There's about 2 million uninsured drivers on the road who are pushing the premiums up for everyone else. As you would expect, many of these uninsured simply cant drive and are the cause of a large proportion of accidents. It certainly keeps Stoney and his mates busy as they are knicking around half a million of them every year.
I love my ANPR system, it tells me all offences and offenders connected to a vehicle instantly.
Yet to have my first uninsured... It'll happen tho ;)
[quote name='TDCiST' timestamp='1359825741' post='232567']
Yet to have my first uninsured... It'll happen tho ;)

Wait until you get your first full house (insurance, licence, MOT and tax,) always fun.
Is there enough space on a TOR lol?!?
what bugs me about the peeps with no license, mot, insurance and tax is the lenient sentences they get. i effing hate the stipd justic system for that. i know a judge and he's the same, they have to follow the rules otherwise he says he'd chuck the lot in jail!
That's when you make a statement on the rear of your copy of the TOR and in your personal notebook.
When you do your first few TOR forms, your mentor should advise you accordingly anyway.
I got pulled a few days ago because the police thought my break lights were out.
Because the roads are clear and it was about 2am i very rarely use my breaks i just go down in gears way before i get to the lights to slow down enough to not have to break. Anyways next thing i see was blue lights behind me so i pull over, policeman gets out comes to my window and says sorry about pulling you over thought your break lights were out but i seen they wernt when you pulled over (while they were pulling me over i had to use my breaks to stop) so they did the usual breathalised me and checked my car, top guys really we had a laugh while i sat in the back of their car and gave my details and then i went on my way. First time getting pulled over.
Andy H Dibley
[quote name='Wayneo01' timestamp='1360514464' post='234713']
I got pulled a few days ago because the police thought my break lights were out.
Because the roads are clear and it was about 2am i very rarely use my breaks i just go down in gears way before i get to the lights to slow down enough to not have to break. Anyways next thing i see was blue lights behind me so i pull over, policeman gets out comes to my window and says sorry about pulling you over thought your break lights were out but i seen they wernt when you pulled over (while they were pulling me over i had to use my breaks to stop) so they did the usual breathalised me and checked my car, top guys really we had a laugh while i sat in the back of their car and gave my details and then i went on my way. First time getting pulled over.

Blimey, they put you in the back of their car?! I would be a bit miffed at that being honest. I know the guys have a job to do, but I reckon they were looking for a reason to stop you.

By the way, no offence to those on the board here, but my view of the BiB is getting worse. They're having a crack down in my area on speeders. Great! Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the barry boys around here in their slammed Corsas driving at stupid speeds. But Monday night, I was coming home at about 1:30am, and I entered a NSL with a car approaching from behind. Having had my run in with a deer just before xmas last year, I've been extra careful in the rural areas.

Anyway, this car is quickly upon my rear bumper, and not letting off. I'm doing 50, when I could be doing 60, have full beams on and driving in rain. I ended up having this tailgater so close I couldn't see their lights in my rear view mirror. I come to pull off and the car continues to follow me, then pull a U turn in the road, at which point I see in the rear view mirror its a panda car. I was bloody furious as you could tell they were either trying to make me speed, or brake test them. Its almost bloody entrapment.
Had that before myself, slowed to 30 :P
I tend to slow down, if I was to ever be pulled because they were tailgating me (I Too have experienced it) my response would be "if I kept going and we had an accident at 50mph, it would have been a worse accident than if we impacted at 30" I have had police cars drive up my rear, and as a result I have had to increase my speed, but I do drop down again, I once flashed my hazard lights at a policeman as he was so close to my bumper. He got the hint and dropped back, if he was a traffic cop, his camera would have caught the episode and he would have been in trouble If I reported it, if he was a regular cop, we would have a he said she said situation, and therefore they still wouldnt win...
I appreciate the job Police do and have a fair few friends amoungst the biggest gang in the UK!

Essex, Herts & Met Police buddies.....BUT...i'm not a fan of the double standards or when you're pulled over even after checks just for the 'because we can' line.

To be honest the last time i was pulled i was in the wrong doing over the speed limit (85 in a 70) and stopped by a Police Biker who in the end was a sound bloke and just gave me a ticking off and some hearty advice.

But i've been pulled before doing completely nothing wrong with a legit car, insurance, MOT, Tax etc etc and the guy was a complete arse trying to impress his new young policewoman partner. It was embarrassing to watch and listen too but i had to be 'yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir'.

Took 35mins to do everything he wanted check wise and a 'friendly chat' about what i was doing wrong when driving (which was nothing). I'd been on a 16hr double shift (that i told him) and it was just not on.

Again that was a one off but it's just annoying at times when you think of all the non insured, no mot, no tax drivers outthere and i get stopped...grinds my gears.

Totally agree with the justice system too! Harsher punishments all round!

PHEW! rant over...and relax :)
I was pulled over about 3 years ago by a Traffic Officer who was new to the Division.
I let him get on with his spiel and nodded at all the right points and just rode with it, not mentioning i was in the job as i don't like to use it as a way of getting out of things.
My offence? i had a bit of dog blanket sticking out of the boot and he reckoned it was a hazard and could block my tail lights.
You should have seen his face a couple of days later when he was being taken around to visit the various faces in the station and he saw me sat at the table, in uniform and with my Mali sat at my side sizing him up.
Strangely enough he's one of my bezzie oppos now.
My dad was pulled on in 2011 for 'speeding', doing 70 in a 50 zone. She pulled us and said the car had a headlight out (when it was a sidelight) and nothing more of it, but took my dad to her car. She then accused him of speeding, when the car that was speeding past had long gone, she just couldn't get out quick enough to catch it, so decided on us instead.

Absolute joke...

So after over a year of court visits, of her Sargent taking home the information of the case (which apparently was fine to do so), him giving his personal home number out instead of the station and verbally threatening my dad down the phone, tampering with evidence that after 3 court visits mysteriously only just turned up - he wasn't found guilty. Biggest thing that played in to this was my dad had his cruise control set, and I was witness to this.

Got very little respect for traffic police up near Yorkshire way >.<
Mr Singh
I got stopped one night for apparently jumping a red light. I wasn't in my mums focus but in my forfour which as most know smart do there cars in 2 colours
me and my mate were coming home after the gym and thought id pick my wife and sister up from town and then drop my mate off at home.
I was at the 'point of no return' when the lights turned red so I went through. Saw blue flashing lights and stopped in a safe side street and he proceed to inform me of what id done, to which my reply was i was at the point of no return and he started doing his vehicle checks on my car.

He asked me if my car had had any paint work done as it was coming up as 'Gray' on the database. I have orange panels and the safety shell is Gray .. so I pointed to the Gray bit.
After he had finished I said 'I'm going to get a little cheeky now, what would you rather me have done, stamp on the brakes and you rear end me or do what I did?' he just said 'ill let you off with a warning and be on your way'
lol some interesting stories there... Stoney it sounds like a picture I would have loved to have seen :P
I have a few friends which are BIB they are the soundest people ive ever known , in the time ive known them ive noticed that the ones that have been in the forces for a few years are more easy going , where as newbies tend to try anything to book you to build there brownie points . ive been pulled a couple of times now and they have been very understanding and reasonable , apart from the one time it was a young lad I could tell he was a newbie , he asked me for license , insurance , ect , then went around the whole of my car trying to find bits wrong with it . what he wasn't aware of was ive been building and fixing cars since I was 7 years of age and my cars are maintained every month lol , I popped my head out of window and said if you can find anything wrong with my car matey I will give you double of what you earn a month , he then came round to me and tried doing me for being cocky lol .
Very true, newbies are trying to fulfill their core skills e.g. First arrest, first traffic stop etc. So they're under pressure to get as many pulls with results as possible.
I've been in the job long enough now that I use my discretion and common sense and can see grey areas whereas newbies see the black and white only.
Unfortunately many of my colleagues down here never mellow out and have a bit of an elitist attitude.
I try to treat people how I'd expect to be treated unless they fail the attitude test.
I never go in with attitude ive found if you are ok with them , then they will treat you with respect . I have had a few episodes at my work , ive caught people with drugs like coke ect , soon as the police come they started giving it the big time gangster attitude , but what he didn't count on is an ex boxer and now a body builder pouncing on him ie MEEE lol , ive found you help the police they help you . which is why hopefully im soon to become a special . :)
Exactly, God luck with the Specials mate.
You may want a chinwag with [url=""]TDCiST[/url] he went specials a few months back.
I did indeed!!

And I'm under that exact pressure right now!! Trying to get all my bits signed off to say I can do it!! Trying to find what you need and can do correctly is very hard sometimes!
You'll soon look back on this period and laugh.
It sinks in eventually. ;)
If you say so stoney lol!!
I've had my fair share of run ins with the local BiB when i was younger, back in 1977/8 I unforunately (Or should that be fortunately) owned a Mk 1 Escort, ex-police panda, smashing little car and didn't half shift well, well up to about 60 then it was topped out.

Anyway there was this one local Bobby that seemed to take great delight in pulling me over every time he saw me, he knew the car was legit, and that i was old enough to drive, (though some said i didn't look it at the time) and had the required licence, but not a time went by that when he saw me he didn't pull me over.

It came to a point that at one time i had collected about 10 HORT5's within a week for me to produce the required documentation at the local nick, and the desk [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#000000"]Sergeant, [/color][/size][/font][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#000000"]wou[/color][/size][/font]ld open his little window and say "Oh no not you again"

eventually I asked the sergeant to have a quiet word with his constable as it was getting beyond a joke, or i would take it higher up and complain in writing about his constable.

The upchuck of all this is that a few nights later i saw him, and was fully expecting to get a pull, but he just scowled at me and kept on walking
Some 'Bobbies' get a bit power hungry and overstep their mark.
They either learn their lesson or get 'moved on'.
There is one story that was related to me by my son, the four of them had rented a car to travel home, with my son and one of the others insured to drive, anyway my son's driving up the M1 having dropped one of the guys off at home when they got a tug from the traffic boys.

The car they were in was a left hooker with german plates, so Mr Plod walks up to the drivers window, and in his best pidgeon german asks, "Sprechen sie english", to which my son and the front passenger said, "Yes mate, ta very much" in a broad yorkshire accent.

Obviously expecting there to be a language barier the officer was taken aback some what and looked down to where my son had his wallet on his knee opened to show his military ID.

"Oh sugar" said the copper, "Your squaddies, Bog off and keep your speed down".

Somehow i don't think he wanted the paperwork
lol :)

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