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Hi All!

Thought I'd take the plunge and join your community.

I got my licence nearly 5 years ago and ever since I have been driving old, unreliable cars (going through approximately one every 1-2 years!) so after my Golf decided to pack in, I decided enough was enough and began my search for a brand new car. I began with the Corsa, which compared to my 1998 Golf, drove better but it didn't do anything for me. Then I went to Ford and test drove the fiesta. I fell in love immediately! The drive made the Corsa feel like it was behind in technology and wasn't smooth at all. After a week of umming and erring, Ford made me an offer an idiot would say no to. So come March 1st (for the 13 reg) I will be the very proud new owner of a Candy Blue 3 door 1.0T 125ps Titanium Fiesta (with front and rear parking sensors - I'm a woman, it's needed!)

One thing I'd like to ask you guys is how would you recommend driving the car for the first few thousand miles? I want to ensure I get the best long term performance out of my car and understand that new cars should be driven a certain way for a bit.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Most manufacturers say you don't need a "bedding in" period now with new engines, but it's still probably worth taking it easy for the first thousand or so miles...
Hi and Welcome to the Forum

Just drive your car normally , try and keep the Revs down for the first few hundred miles , always try and be in the right gear , don't let it struggle or labour , keep an eye on the fluid levels as often as you can .

Good luck with your new car , and drop some pictures of it in here when it arrives :)
Welcome to the forum always good to see more lady's taking an interest :) Also dont let your petrol run right down untill the light comes on. Try and keep atleast a quater of a tank
Thanks for the tips everyone, I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures when it arrives! If I can get myself out of it that is :)
Welcome to the '13 community, i myself am getting a zetec-s eco boost, with all extras. First 3000 miles needs to be driven carefully and will notice a lower mpg..after around 3500 you should be fine and your mpg should rise, dont drive too slow either. The car needs to driven not rolled
[color="#0000FF"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"]Hi welcome[/font][/size][/color] :)
Welcome to the Forum Andrea.
Welcome along!

I can only echo the sentiments above... just take it easy, get in the right gear, and dont let the engine work too hard at the low or upper end of the rev range. smooth gear changes and acceleration for about 1000 miles, and then just keep taking it easy but creep up the rev range every few hundred miles.

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