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Full Version: 1.4Tdci Ticking When Running
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Been a while.

started me car up this morning and started fine however i could near a ticking when ilde and also on reving. however once the car is warm the ticking stops.

now i have had the cambelt water pump and pull kit replaced not that long ago which would rule that out????

how ever it is coming that side of the engine. Could it be a glow plug that has gone?? i can smell a bit or burning but that could of been something else.

anybody had something similar at all???
We had the same problem recently on our Fusion2, the worst bit was that the burning oil smell gets worse the longer you leave it. After a number of false diagnoses, turns out it was a broken injector. That has cured it, but it was a pretty expensive fix as they have to take out the manifold (or down to the mainfold head) to get at the injector components. Cured it though.
cheers keith

i havent smelt any burning oil the only other thing i have noticed is its taking a while now for the engine to warm up which makes me wonder if one of the glow plugs has gone but

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