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Full Version: Footwell Lights.
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I have had blue led bulbs in my footwells for a while now but only recently noticed that when all the other lights have went off, the footwell lights stay on, although very dim. Is this normal? Or should they be off totally?
I would of thought the should go totally out .
They should go off completely.
You may have to look for led with resistors in them or add a resistor yourself.
How dim are you talkin? Do you have LEDs fitted in the rest of your interior lights? Do they stay on dim ALL the time, or do they go out completely after 20mins or so?

My initial thought was that it might just be another case of the LEDs maintaining a tiny glow due to them needing such little power to illuminate, and if so, then it wouldn't be anythin to worry about.
Try swapping out one of the LED bulbs for a standard incandescent type and see if the existing LED one still glows.
Temporarily introducing the incandescent one to the circuit should show whether it's purely residual current in the loom or a wire fault.
I tried that one Stoney, just to satisfy my curiosity.The normal bulb went out completely. I also have blue led festoon bulbs in the overhead courtesy lights but they go off totally. The footwell leds are as bright as they should be when they come on and only dim when the rest of the interior lights go off. It's not really a great problem because they are dim enough not to distract me. Just thought it was a bit strange. Thanks for the replies guys.

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