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Full Version: Ford C Max 2.0 Tdci 2012 Help Please
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hi people i need some help please i have a ford c max 2.0 tdci with no crank signal and fuel pressure sensor in range but low

I have taken the car in to ford but they fobbed me as it was involved in a light bump so im on my own on this problem

iv changed the crank sensor but still have the same problem iv checked the feed for crank sensor and i have 4.97volts

and 12v on ground wire but 0v on signal wire im not sure if the signal wire carries the feed or crates a feed when it cranks ?

would be great help if you nice people on here would able to guide help me in the right direction ?

i have purchased the wiring diagrams from ford etis website and i am able to test like this.

error codes are P0335 - P1168
HI and welcome along!

First of all, what sort of "light bump" where you involved in? (speed, damage etc?) Secondly I found the below, (for others reference more than your own I suppose) - Crankshaft Position Sensor - possibly needs replacing... - Low but in range (as you said).

I fail to see how either of those, could be caused by (my definition of) a light bump (that to me says you were pottering into a parking space and knocked another car at less than 5mph...)

We really need to understand more about this bump as, if it was genuily a light bump - you can argue the damage is unrelated and still claim warranty.
[size="4"]Hi thanks for the reply the car was involved in a bump on the n/s side parts replaced are n/s wing, bumper cover, headlamp, bumper bar , bonnet, the plastic cover for the ecu was damaged also , there was a bit off wiring damage to the headlamp loom but not to the ecu loom these wires where put back together , also the car would still start while these wires where damaged , the car was running for 10 mins and it just turned itself off , I have replaced the crank sensor for a genuine ford one and it still won’t get a crank signal , when you crank it and when it stops the rpm do go up to around 200 mark. I can see diesel in the pipes when your cranking and when it stops it comes back.[/size]
The damage that was replaced doesnt tally to me to and not being repaired under warranty, but by the same token they do have an argument and a leg to stand on unfortunately.

Have you checked for any error codes? that might help?

Have you took the valves out and checked for damage? I wonder if a pulley or belt has discretely gone?
[size=5]Hi thanks again for the reply which valves are we talking about please bear in mind the car has only covered 14000 miles I do believe the crank pulley has gone faulty but don’t have an idea to check it when I replaced the crank sensor I can’t see a ring gear round it I can see numbers I’m not sure if there are like this on this model [/size]
the fuel injectors and the valves in the engine. I wonder if the crank has gone and the piston has popped the valves, this might be why its not working...?

Its a long shot, but one thing to consider!
[size="4"]Hi thanks again for the reply I’m not sure that’s happened but I was fiddling with the car again 2day and decided to chop the signal wire from pcm side and now I have 5v on that wire and 5v on supply but I have lost 12v to ground on sensor which I believe was taking feed from the 5v signal supply which shouldn't be right I’m not sure where to take a ground from the pcm to crank sensor any idea’s will be great thanks [/size]
I have to be honest, I am now well and truely out of my depth! Electrics are more my enemy than my friend!

Are you able to splice a ground from the negative bulkhead on the bulkhead.

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