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Full Version: Dodgy Temp Gauge
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Car is still under warranty so going to get the garage to sort this, but I'm just curious as to what it could be!

While driving, once the cars heated to normal temp, the temp gauge will start to swing down to the 75'c mark (so a quarter on the mk2.5 gauge) and back again, then wander between the two marks as it sees fit.

At first I thought it may be movement related, as it only seemed to do it when the car is braking heavily, accelerating heavily, or cornering sharply...

However it then carried on while cruising on a flat road at 40..

Now I did drive through a puddle near the start of the journey, and I also left my lights on for 2 hours while at training this evening! Could a low battery or water on a sensor give these odd readings??

Heater still blows boiling hot and shows no signs of fluctuations when he needle moves!

dont see why it would fluctuate to be honest, better get it checked out by ford, make the most of the warranty!
sounds irritating! duff sensor me thinks!
Hmmm I am also thinking a duff sensor... Especially as the heater still blows hot.

It's in ford now, hopefully get it back tomorrow :s
Any news on your motor yet?
Not yet... You guys will be the first to know!!
Im on tentahooks! - it really is a slow day today...
sounds like it!!

i'll see if i can get an in depth technical explanation for you just to excite you a bit more ;)
Apparently the issue was a loose connection...

Quite how this connection became loose is a mystery to me! But the problem seems to have gone away for now...
Sounds a good finding, probably would have charged you couple hundred quid for that out of warranty.

Still, it sounds like the finding is another to add to basic diagnstics "check the wiring, if its not loose, check the sensor"

Hopefully it plays nicely for you now!

my problem is after driving from cold start with in 4/5 mins the temp gauge is at half way which to me is far to quickly most cars ive driven takes prob 10/15 mins to reach full temp any ideas would this could be??

The temp gauge is a rough estimate im on my phone so i cant see if its a petrol or diesel but i would expect in the warmer weather for it to be at the halfway mark it says 90 but its not it may only be 70 degrees assuming the coolant levels fine and doesnt drop and the car doesnt over heat it sounds quite normal

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