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Full Version: 2007 2.0 Tdci Lack Of Power Going Up Hill
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Can anyone offer any suggestions to my problem?
I recently changed the filters on my Focus 2.0 tdci 2006 to try to get rid of the power loss that sometimes happened under hard acceleration. All was fine until the dreaded restart when bleeding the fuel through, anyway having turned the engine over...and over to finally read the haynes manual (note to self read first) i decided to use my workshop vacuum cleaner to help....worked well and managed to get the car started again much to my relief! Took it for a run only to find a complete lack of power under acceleration. I have checked the diagnostic to find injector 2 problem and turbo boost problem (both have reset) and car does pull a bit better but is just gutless on the hills....its just like there is no boost...but going downhill its fine and on the level fine too. I had the alternator changed yesterday (piggy is well raided) as this had the whineing problem and the whineing has now gone from the engine bay and has now moved to the passenger seat! (when she is in he car with me :rolleyes: ) anyway after the work the car seemed fine electrically anyway but last night the engine management light came on and when checked showed a turbo boost problem.
I don't want to just change the turbo if it is something simple like a pressure sensor so if anyone has a suggestion I'm all ears?

Also can anyone recommend a good diesel specialist in the Gloucester area as I think I may need more support on this car!!!
check you havent knocked a pipe off etc,if you have 1 fitted then check the maf aswell if you have try disconnecting it to see if it runs better if not then IT may be that at fault.
also make sure the fuel filter is sitting properly, someone on here recently had an issue where it made the car sluggish and kept having trouble starting it up.
could also have a loose pipe causing boost leak.
Thanks guy's, I will be under the car at the weekend so will have a look into the loose pipe.
Maf....thats easier to try on the way home tonight.
Filter...I'm beginning to wonder if these new cartridge paper filters are worth it? whatever happened to the good old metal housed filters? much simpler!
Ok....update....I have the good old engine management light coming on now so got some fault codes.
Injector came up a coupke of times but now has stopped. The other is turbo boost performance.
As the injector is about £150 and has to be programmed and the turbo is a few hundred quid I decided to try a cheaper option.
In my garage I had a part can of wynns egr3 so thought what the heck cheapest option first. This line of thought had been brought about from talking to a mechanic who suggested that the egr might be jammed open/closed. So followed the instructions on the can and gave it a shot until I ran out.
The car did what they said it would (knocked a bit and revs altered) so I gave it 5 mins to settle then put the filter box back in cicuit.
I took it for a run and well to say there was an improvement was an understatement. It was definately better, not back to best but better.

As it was a part can I have ordered some more to give it a real good cleaning...lets hope it sorts it out, I will post more after I give it another go!
Sparky, why not try and blank off the EGR altogether?
Hi all I just wanted to post an update to this problem.
Problem is now solved following a Friday afternoon "im gonna get to the bottom of this or die trying"
Having better light in the day rather than working with a torch I had a good check over the work I had done and found nothing other than a small patch of oil around the joint on the inlet manifold coupling.
Looking closer I noticed what looked like a hose nipple moulding. Now this is located above and to the right of the oil filter housing. So i had a look to see if there were any hoses adrift and viola there it was a small hose lay down below. I put the hose back on and took the car for a run...wey hey rocket ship is back! Im not sure what the hose is for but i am glad i found it.
I will take a photo later and upload it so if anyone has a similar problem.



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