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Full Version: Really Sluggish 1St Gear - Mk3 Focus 1.6 Tdci
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Hi Everyone,

I've just purchased an 11 plate Focus 1.6 TDCI (14k miles) Really like the car but having now done a full run out in it I'm concerned about just how slow/laggy first gear is.

I've come from a 2.0 petrol so wasn't expecting equivilant acceleration but pulling away from junctions/roundabouts feels really dangerous. The car was also bought to teach my other half how to drive, majorly worried that the lag, combined with the response of a learner driver could be a recipe for disaster!

I see this is a reasonably common problem but does anyone know a fix - is it worth taking to Ford?

Also if this isn't a fault not sure what my legal rights are on returning the car to the dealers?


It might just be "the way it is" and there is nothing wrong with the car, or it just needs a service, with nothing major wrong with it - Its hard to say

Its probably a totally different proposition from your petrol 2.0L it maybee only does 15/ 20mph in 1st, if you get it into 2nd quicker/ (changing almost straight away into 2nd) just fev it to 3k (probably 4k max) it would pull better

unmodified i don't think there is much "poke" in them, rubbsh off the line/ through the gears but much stronger in the midrange, just a matter of re-adjusting your driving style

Many people remap their cars which can make a big difference, or do even more mods than that , often, on a turbo-diesel, the remap/ other mods can improove performance AND economy

It all depends what you are used to
Thanks FOCA, I'll try a quick gear change to second - also coming from an automatic means a bit more adjustment.

We hired a new Fiesta diesel over in France last year and this had a bit more shift. Not expecting dramatic acceleration just a to be able to keep up with the flow of traffic!

Aside from a remap - kinda makes me nervous re insurance/warranty - is there anything else a little less invasive that may help with standing acceleration?

I have found with my 1.6 TDCi that if I don't rev it past 1500 when pulling off it can bog down and get seriously laggy...

If you adjust your driving style slightly you may find it's all ok.

I get about 25mph from first at the red line I'm sure...
Sounds quite normal, you do get used to it.

I nearly stalled my 2.0 TDCi when I first got it, even coming from my 1.6 TDCI Fiesta.

I have found you can get quite a bit of power from 1st gear, but you have to really ask for it, a lot more so than in higher gears.

I think the thing to remember is that diesels are heavier engines spinning at slower revs, so you have to get them going before lifting the clutch or it will really bog down.
Hi, apparently there is a update that can be performed by the dealership that was reported on talkford here [url=""]http://www.talkford...._hl__+1.6 +tdci[/url] I'm not going to say your car hasn't been done already, as it might have been, but from the sound of it, it hasn't. Worth contacting your dealer though to see.
i too suffered from this issue but all you need to do is rev the car a bit more and you'll be flying. As Dave (TDCist) says, it has to be around 1500/2000rpm mark.
Wow thanks everyone, going to go out for a bit of 'practice' and I think also contact the dealer re the update. Will keep you posted!

hi all would this remap be free of charge or do the dealers rip you off ??

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