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Full Version: Well, Apparently You're Supposed To Wash Cars?
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Howdy folks, looking at getting a Frozen White Fiesta which hopefully won't take 10 years to build :P

I know white shows more muck than silver, and apparently I should wash the car on occasion so could do with some tips, seeing I haven't once washed my car since I bought it (been washed 4 times at Ford).

So what do I need? I am a pro with alloy wheels, I'm like a dirt ninja on them, with my Meguiar's stuff. Aside from the not a clue. I do have a power washer but I haven't a clue what it is as it was bought at Aldi I think a few years back.

Have thought about a snow foam do, but again not a clue what I'm doing here.

I have a mitt that's microfibre that I've used on my mum's car before, but apparently you're supposed to have 2 buckets or a grit guard or something? And do I need this if I foam the stuffing out of it?

Also need something to make the tyres look pretty too :P

- Thanks in advance.
Mark M.K
Basics are:

Pressure washer
2 buckets, both with grit gruads - [url=""]http://www.i4detaili..._Bucket_x2.html[/url]
A good microfiber or sheep/lambs wool mitt
A good shampoo - [url=""]http://www.i4detaili..._Shampoo_1.html[/url]
A nice big drying towel - [url=""]http://www.i4detaili...ng_Towel_1.html[/url]
A good wax of your choice
Plenty of Microfiber cloths
Something to apply wax with
Something for ya tyres - [url=""]http://www.i4detaili...Tire_Gel_1.html[/url]
Oh, and some glass cleaner
Should I be able to do that on £100? minus the washer, got that :P
Mark M.K
I should think so, yes :) If you went for Dodo Juice wax, get a sample 30ml pot for around £6. It will last ages.
Yeah the wax is the pricey bit I feel :P

I have some buffer thing if that's of any use? Lol.
Mark M.K
To apply wax, anything on this page will do: [url=""][/url]

Then just use a normal cloth to buff to a shine.

You can polish before applying wax, Auto Glym Super Resin polish is one of the best.
I did have some spray on Turtle Wax stuff which I forget what it was, but seemed decent. Not sure how long it lasted though >.<
Would I want hard or soft wax? And what do I need for tar removal as well? Sorry for all these questions, but so far in my experience rain washes my cars :P
If your going to wash it afterwards... WD40 is great on tar!! I use it all the time, just make sure you was the car properly afterwards!

Failing that any autoglym or meguirs, or any other tar remover will work fine
Mark M.K
[quote name='b1g_dav3' timestamp='1360274821' post='234119']
Would I want hard or soft wax? And what do I need for tar removal as well? Sorry for all these questions, but so far in my experience rain washes my cars :P

Soft wax is easier to apply in my view, Dodo Supernatural is a very good wax. Sample 30ml pots are around £13. If thats too much, Dodo Light fantastic will work well on white.
WD40 might be worth a shot, though I may get a good Meguiar's tar remover, my Turtle Wax one was a bit pants.

Will order some wax for when the car gets here I think :P

How do you do a chasis wash, or is that not needed?
Clay bar works really well on tar spots just use quick detailed to keep the area wet or just water.
Tardis is very good for removing tar spots. [url=""]Linky.[/url]

Also, I see no polish on the list of things posted above! A good polish ensures that you keep those pesky light scratches away!
Thanks :P got a few bits coming in already! Going to have a play and see possibly if I can make my car look showroom clean after 18 months of grime :P
Ohhh 18 months? Give it a good wash then clay it all over. You'll be amazed when you look at the clay bar afterwards!
You feeling okay Dave??? washing your car.... :D

As its a new car Id go with:

Two buckets
Good quality shampoo
Sealant: very good sealant, has a longer durability to wax so will last longer and gives a really good shine
Wheel wax to seal the wheels and keep the grime off specially designed for high temperatures

You'll have to upload some pictures when you get the car to
I feel really ill actually, power washed the car today... Nothing proper though, still looks mucky :P

I actually cleaned the car today :o

About blooming time ;) should've taken a pic, once in a blue moon moment

Washed it twice now lol, well where I say washed, I used an Autoglym rapid detailer that was free :P and sprayed some tyre stuff on and cleaned the alloys; tyres look great, car looks a state - 1 day on from doing it :P bit too much grime on the roads I think.

Chris C-Max

A sealant like Tough Coat works very well on white.  A very similar product is Concours Car Care LiquidShield, which is better value.  The joy of these sealants is they are nicely hydrophobic, which with layering will increase.  This in turn makes it harder for the dirt to stick.


Autoglym Super Resin Polish is OK, but remember it is heavy with fillers.  As the fillers diminish, so the defects will become more visible.  Not so much of an issue on white, but there are better out there imho.


older gent , could you spend some time to inform me on what is a clay bar ?  And what is it do to car and what would it replace in my younger days



Chris C-Max

older gent , could you spend some time to inform me on what is a clay bar ?  And what is it do to car and what would it replace in my younger days



A clay bar is designed to remove bonded contaminants from the paint surface. Even if you have just cleaned the car, if the surface feels rough, then there are bonded bits on the paint,

I find claying one of the most drastically eye catching techniques when cleaning cars (other than polishing). You make think a car looks clean but a clay bar will remove dirt you didn't even know was there.

It's a relatively new technique and the idea is to prep the car for polishing, followed by waxing. The idea being that your wax sticks to the cars paint and not the contaminants

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