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Full Version: Zetec 100 6000Cd Bluetooth
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Hi everyone,

Proud owner of a 10 plate Zetec 100 as of 5PM today and I'm slightly befuddles about turning on the bluetooth. Video's suggest that I enter "ADV options" but this only gives me 1 menu, definitely does not display "BT on/off"

Now I could be using the menu structure wrong as there was instructions online but for a different faceplate version and they were as follows:

Press the menu key until ADV options appears
Press the right arrow
Press the menu key until bluetooth appears
Press right key to enable

All help at this stage is appreciated so thanks in advance

How do you know your car has the Bluetooth option (it would have voice control also)?
I don't per-say I guess, I spotted the control's and checked the manual which of course gives me plenty of instruction of what to pair , but I don't have a full list of spec right now and have struggled to find one. I had actually meant to add that question to the original statement but I haven't included it, when I was on the test drive, I commented on the buttons but didn't absorb what the dealer had said.

You'll have to forgive me, i am an utter noob at having only been on the road 9 months and had an S reg fiesta Mk4 prior to this.

The radio (incl. its buttons) and the manual would be the same with or without bluetooth. If you have voice control (with the push button on the audio remote control) you have Bluetooth, if you don't have voice control, you do not have Bluetooth.
Cool thanks

I will look at the OSC in the morning and that'll give me the answer,

Appreciate the assistance tomtom
Welcome to the club :)
I'll guesd like myself you do not have bluetooth, if like mine you have the silver curved corner unit you'll soon realise it is not mp3 disc compatible. Then you have four choices. 1) Replace unit for aftermarket stereo. 2) Replace stereo with a better spec ford unit. 3) Use the aux in in the glovebox but not be able to skip back or forward using your steering wheel controls or 4) Buy the music box available from ford that allows you to connect a memory stick and use your steering wheel controls (this however will not support an ipod etc and costs 83.
I have found a cheaper better version of the box on eBay but it appears these units wont support it as we don't appear to have a multi cd player output either.
Probably the most disappointing stereo I have seen in a car that should offer more.
I'm primarily looking for A2DP functionality, I'd like to keep Ford original stock if I can. The AUX input, what connector is it?
I forgot to mention, I do have the silver trim stereo.
In the glovebox there should be a grey circle top right. Connection is by 3.5mm jack same as most earphones. Its a good connection point but like I said you won't be able to skip via the controls. I'm just waiting for the ebay member to get back to me about their interfaces as they are ipod compatible. Although the ford music box is a good upgrade at thid moment I think 83 quid for a memory card reader is a lot of money.

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