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Full Version: Central Locking Problems, Fed Up Off Disconnecting Battery Every Night :(
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[url=""]ford focus[/url] 1.8 zetec Xreg, right where do i start my car dont lock at all only the boot i press the fob or put the key in the door and you can hear it trying to lock but it wont and if you sit inside and lock it with the switch it unlocks straight away, ive checked fuse n door light switches, but i need some help i took off all the door trims today front and back and unplugged the drivers door central locking motor and tryed locking it but it did the same so i plugged it back in and unplugged the passenger side and it did it agen so plugged it back in and basically i did it to every door and it did the same all round, but surely when i disconnected the one that wasnt working the others should of worked,
Right ive been looking about for a solution for you and what ive found is that the drivers door lock has to be fully engaged before any of the other doors will lock so even if you disconnected the drivers door lock you would still have the same problem, its sounding like either a dirty connection on the drivers side locking mechanism, faulty solenoid on the drivers door or something is physically preventing the driver's lock engaging. Hope this helps ill keep looking to see what else I can find for you
Hi do not know if this will help you, but last weekend i replace my drivers door lock. i put the steel inner door panel on and tryed the locks and it work ok, all doors locked with the window down i pulled the cable on the inner door handle to try the dead lock all ok. but when i put the other door panel on and the inner door handle, doors would not lock it locked and opened right away so i took the inner door handle off and push the cable back in by hand all doors lock & dead locks work so i and sparyed WD40 down the cable then put the handle back on and now working ok. so take off inner door handle and push the cable back by hand to see if the cable is sticking and not returning hope this helps you.
thank you dangersford your a star n i think the drivers lock is fine iv locked it by hand whilst the door is open n seems ok and do you know where the connections are? dont know if it is a solenoid i cant get it out ive tryed loads of times.

thank you tanktop3 i will try that tommorrow if its not raining ive had the inner door trims off so much dont think there guna take much more but ill give it ago like i said ive soaked it all in wd40 half a big can on each door thats no joke but anythink is worth ago at the minute.
couldnt have ago at it today as it was raining in the morning and then my mates headgasket went in the afternoon on his 53plate focus so had to start doing that inbetween when the rain stopped so ill finish off doing his headgasket tommorrow and then look at my door if the weather is ok fingers crossed.

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