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Full Version: Carpark Fairy
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Sport Rider
had a visit from the carpark fairy today who took it upon his or her self to proceed to smash the indicator fitted to my nearside wing mirror the colour coded cover seems to have survived though.Would any of you chaps happen to have a part number and price for replacement indicator.

Heers hoping
is this what your looking for mate?
Sport Rider
what a Star you are i did a search and could only find an Offside one
no worries mate glad i could help

looks a decent price too. probably be cheaper tracking one down at a breakers but personally i'd just go for this one

i've had run ins with car park fairy's myself, only in my case they decided to scrape right across my front bumpers near side corner :angry:
Sport Rider
Would have been nice to have left a note saying sorry if nothing else.
in a perfect world they would of mate. but it's not a perfect world we live in

instead we have to live among these half wits who damage a mans property n make a speedy getaway

hope you get it sorted soon anyway
Sport Rider
Thanks for your help Charlie ordered and paid for now awaiting delivery.
nice one mate, any time

update the thread when you've received it n got it fixed
The worst ones are the shopping trolly clowns that always leave the darn things dumped up wind of me.
Nothing more scary than seeing a trolly freewheeling towards you just as you get in or out of the car.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1360270578' post='234075']
The worst ones are the shopping trolly clowns that always leave the darn things dumped up wind of me.
Nothing more scary than seeing a trolly freewheeling towards you just as you get in or out of the car.

i get that nearly every day

even worse is when your trying to exit a car park n someones dumped a trolley right in your lane of the exit so its either get out n shift it yourself holding up the people behind you, or try n go round it without scraping it while hanging into the next lane nearly getting hit by people entering the car park
Sport Rider
i usually park at the furthest point from the entrance as i find the idiots allways seem to wont to park as close to the entrance as possible.I'm sure some would like to drive around the supermarket so they dont have to use the dangly bits hanging under their backside.
[quote name='Sport Rider' timestamp='1360273202' post='234100']
i usually park at the furthest point from the entrance.

I do this as well, it is quite funny actually at our local supermarket, because the furthest away you tend to have a different group of cars, people that like and respect their cars and everyone is also only parked in every other space too. :lol:
I wish I could do that but having 2 kids you need to park in a child spot really, especially if its raining. Also I know its off the point, but it bugged me the other day when a woman (in a brand new bmw) parked in a child spot, put her disabled badge in the window and easily got out and then smiled at me while I was waiting for a spot to appear....
I do that too and the missus thinks I'm nuts.
Why struggle to park between two rustbuckets that are at an off angle when you can park in a nice clear spot with no seesawing backwards and forwards to get in straight?
Missus goes nuts at me because she has to walk 100 metres to the doors.
Tough luck I say. :D
this is exactly what i do. and my Missus always moans about not parking closer to the door and having to walk a bit further

the worst things of all about car parks though are the metal bumper things going around the pillars holding the roof up. supposedly to stop you bumping into the pillars.

except you wouldn't bump into the pillars anyway as they are massive and you cant miss em

but with the bumper things on, they are too low down to see and protruding too far into the parking spaces next to it that its a too much of a tight squeeze to actually park in the space without risking scraping right along the side of the car

so the car park will always have like its spaces empty cause no one will want to park anywhere near em
Yup, I do the same!
i do that park as far away as possible when the missus moans about how far away we are all i say is 'it good exercise'

but beware cos if she says 'oh so you think i need exercise do you' you could be in real trouble :wacko: my reply is normally 'no luv your perfect the way you are' :wub: :) :)
I like having kids, the perfect reason to park in a slightly larger space than others. I tend to show people the courtesy to their cars as I would expect them to show my own, but its no perfect world. The answer is in CCTV! catch the beggers, and make them pay - but thats easier said than done :(

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