Hi, has anybody used Pagid Brake Fluid?

its in grey bottles with blue label, available mostly from Euro Car Parts.

I have no doubt its good quality stuff, as Pagid is a good brand and known for quality.

Just wondered if anybody else had used it? I buy it 5 litres at a time because im often using the stuff, however I have noticed on my focus that after changing the fluid on my clutch with it.. clutch feels lighter? It was light before, but after I changed it... pushed pedal to the floor and thought something was wrong because it went down effortlessly, but nothings wrong because it changes gear fine with a nice low biting point.

Also noticed brake pedal presses down easier/quicker also.

Only asking, because I changed the fluid on a Ford Mondeo MK3 and experienced a similar thing.. at first I thought there was some air in the brakes or something but they are solid enough.

only thing I can think of, is the fluid is either thinner, or has reduced friction compared to the fluid I had in there before.

Previously I had fully synthetic stuff, Comma Fully Synthetic Dot 4 fluid.