Well my car's just back & £700 lighter,all is FIXED.
My 1st gear sometimes,and reverse gear most of the time was a bitch to engage & it turns out the DMF was at fualt.Nothing much wrong with the amount of give,when spinning it aound as if it were a spinning top(forgive the analogy),but when it came to the amount of play from side to side,it has about 1/4"!!! It was enough to throw everything out of whack. you maybe able to see from the video i took.(if it uploads)
also bought new cables (£107),as the previous owner mustve been forcing it into gear-the cable that moves the selector up and down had about 2mm of stretch as well.
all in all,my gearbox feels brand spankin new.I can ping the gearstick near enuf into gear.
just thought id put this here as a lot of folk seem to be having a similar problem with 1st and reverse.
ps-also renewed concentric slave cylinder,just in case as theyre plastic & wear out eventually.
So the DMF that came out the car...wait for it..lasted 116,093 miles!!! 58k of that was with a remap(off car now as aint doin that shizzle anymore).
So for the guys that said a dmf aint good idea for remapped cars,i beg to differ.just goes to show,if your NOT driving about doin crazy driving maneuvers a DMF will last ages. I do about 16k a year so this means it'd prob last at least 7 yrs. Think 116k for any DMF is pretty good considering the punishment they take
anyway im well happy.
I know it doesnt look like it but there is a fair amount of play.couldnt get any better sound/pics[url="http://s1032.beta.photobucket.com/user/stooge75/media/IMG_1185_zps9b9ee727.mp4.html"]http://s1032.beta.ph...9ee727.mp4.html[/url]