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Full Version: 17" Rims On Fiesta 2013, What Tyre Size ?
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Hi all

I've ordered a brand new Fiesta from 2013, but I was wondering - If I want 17" rims what tyre size would I be going for ?

I'm figuring either 205/35-17 or 205/40-17, but I'm not certain which one is the correct one ?

The stock 15" rims are 195/50-15 which is a perfect match for 205/35-17 (exactly samme circumference), but when searching on google I find a lot of talk about 205/40-17.

So does anyone here know the right answer ? :)
Should let you know march 1st. Why sport? and not Zetec-s?
205/40r17 for the 17s, 195/45r16 for Zetec S standard wheels, 195/50 r16 for Titanium, Titanium X and Zetec optional 16 inch wheels, and unsure on Zetecs with standard wheels but profile is 55.
[quote name='Lloyday' timestamp='1360402005' post='234368']
Why sport? and not Zetec-s?
They're not from the uk so the models are named differently!
Yeah it's called "Sport" in Denmark, which is were I'm from, but I'm quite certain it's exactly the same as the Zetec-S.

b1g_dav3 thanks for the exact sizes, however you've got me wondering: Do you know why there is a difference between the 16" on the Zetec-s and the Titanium ?

The circumference is larger on the Titanium so unless they adjusted the speedo as well it'll be slightly different which kinda puzzles me.
The titanium has a bigger profile for comfort I think makes it ride a bit softer and absord the bumps better than the zetec s
I haven't a clue why they drop the profile, I aasked Ford directly and they said the 50 profile can't be added during build, so perhaps they feel there's an issue when lowering the car about the 50 profile or something? It's a mystery to me though, maybe iit's just Ford being Ford, doing things that make no sense for no reason.
b1g_dav3 > Well that kinda makes sense, when lowering the car you get less room for the wheels, so making them a bit smaller seems understandable to me.

What's weird though is that 205/40-17 are larger than 195/50-15 so if the 50 profile won't fit then the 205/40-17 definately won't.

Guess I'll just have to wait for the car be built and talk to Ford about it then (still gonna be 2 months before the car is ready, so hard to wait :D )
Same on the build length :-P I'm getting the standard 16 inch wheels on my Zetec S as I'm not a fan of big wheels personally :-P
I have upgraded my titanium x to 17's , the order confirmation says 205/40/17. Think 35 would be too harsh ride for this model but maybe good for zetec s.
I'd actually prefer 205/40-17 too, as I also think 35 might be a bit harsh.
35's would be terrible, you'd have nothing at all to soak up bumps, 45's are bad enough >.<
Guess you're right, though my Civic copes quite well with bumps on its 225/45-17 so I can't image the 45s would be that bad on the Fiesta (unless of course its suspension is worse than a Civic)
I have the 2013 Fiesta, I was thinking of going up to 17" (from 15") - I'm on 195,55,15's on steelies just now.
so apparently if I got 17's I need 205 by 40s.
^ you would.

There is absolutely 0 rub, anywhere, even at full lock.


I just got now Kumho Ecsta tyres for 17s today. 205/40r17. I just went with what it says in the handbook and onthe sticker on the passenger side door frame  :huh: .


40s look quite thin, but cool though, and there was me thinkin' on 18s with a 35 profile tyre  :blink: ......

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