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Full Version: Replacing Fog Light Lens
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I've just noticed the fog light lens on my Escort Finesse Estate (2000) is smashed, probably by a stone. The Haynes manual gives no indication of how to remove the light unit to replace the lens--I assume the lens IS sold separately. It just tells me how to replace the bulb! Could somebody tell me how to remove the unit please?

And, by the way, are the fog light lenses sold separately?
You don't say which side needs replacing but look at this listing for guidance-


The lights are usually one piece with the lenses sealed on.
You should be able to unscrew/unclip from behind the bumper.
They are fixed on with 2 cross head screws.
If you can get the front up high enough to get under there, remove any plastic under tray guards and then with a small screwdriver, just undo the 2 screws, dis-connect the wire and hey presto.
Unfortunately with my RS, its that low i couldnt get under there so i had to remove the front bumper.
Thanks, I haven't had time yet to look underneath to check accessibility but that ebay picture looks lke a N/S lamp, ie tapered to the outside (=nearside), even though it says Drivers' side (which my broken lamp is). Is the picture correct, or just a "typical" picture?
I spoke too soon!!!! I've just removed the broken foglight and I see the picture on the Ebay advert is upside down. So I'll get it. Thanks for your help guys.
Glad to help.

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