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Full Version: Just Bought Myself A Focus Titanium!
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Having previously owned a Fiesta Titanium I decided that I wanted more refinement and comfort than a supermini can offer, and bought a 1-year-old Focus Titanium today. It has the appearance pack and city pack, and is/ was a Ford Direct car ^_^

[size=4]Pics from the dealer ad:[/size]





[size=4]I'm picking it up on Thursday, can't wait! :D[/size]
Looks great , i bet you can't wait
looking sweet that, bet your happy as larry lol
looks sweet.loving the handbrake position.Drive a mk 2 then you will know what I mean.
Thanks :)[size=4] [/size]

[size=4]I've been wanting to move up to a larger car for a while. As much as I love my superminis, they're never going to be the quietest or most comfortable cars. I saw this car about a month ago but was in two minds whether to change or not, and then I saw this week that they had reduced the price of the car and decided to take it out for a drive. It's very quiet indeed! [/size]

[size=4]I've paid £12,500 for it. There we some for £700 less from different dealers, but the dealer I bought the Focus from were also the ones I bought my Fiesta from, and I was happy with the service from them so far so just decided to stick with what I know. [/size]
Very nice indeed! The current Focus is all the car anyone could ever need in my opinion, quiet and refined, yet good to drive.

I see you put ZS wheels on your Fiesta, any plans for the Focus?
That car would look a hell of a lot nicer (IMO) if you banged on a set of either Jimrex's alloys on, or Pree's alloys.
No plans for changing anything on the Focus at the moment. They had others available with the larger alloys on, but I purposely went for the smaller wheels as my main reason for changing was comfort and refinement. I was worried that the slightly larger wheels may harm the ride quality.

Only three days to go!
I chose a Fiesta over a Focus :P the Focus I tried was nice though, just a bit big for my liking if honest. Was looking at a Zetec S myself, but the Fiesta still won out :P
I've got it :D[size=4] and I love it![/size]
Well come on then, give us a proper review! :P. What engine does it have?
Only the measly 1.6 125ps petrol. I had the same engine in my old Fiesta and it wasn't great even in something small, but I didn't buy the car for speed, I bought it for cruising :) At the moment I'm baffled by the amount of buttons on the steering wheel!

[size=4]One thing I do love is the screen on the centre console. Even though my Fiesta had a similar thing, this one is much nicer/ more advanced etc. [/size]

I've only driven it home so far, but I'll be going out for a valentines thing later on so will get a better chance to give it a decent run... and also get the girlfriend's approval or disapproval.
i too am getting my titanium next week, how you finding it?
Very nice motor Steve.
[quote name='brobbo' timestamp='1360856351' post='235810']
i too am getting my titanium next week, how you finding it?

Absolutely brilliant :)[size=4] I've been out in it for a good while tonight and I'm really impressed. It just has a lovely feel to it. My girlfriend says it feels like a spaceship inside. The handling is fantastic for a car this size too.[/size]

[size=4]I love it. [/size]
Glad you're enjoying your new car :).
[quote name='PumpkinSteve' timestamp='1360881912' post='235917']
Absolutely brilliant :) I've been out in it for a good while tonight and I'm really impressed. It just has a lovely feel to it. My girlfriend says it feels like a spaceship inside. The handling is fantastic for a car this size too.

I love it.

thats encouraging :-)
i had a mk7 fiesta titanium in the past and went to a corsa vxr so going to be quite a jump in comfort levels.

how are you finding the engine? i really love the look of the interior
The engine is better than I initially thought. I think the torque figures are identical to the Fiesta, but it doesn't feel underpowered at all. I love it.

I just thought I'd update this after 6 months of owning the car. I'm loving it more than ever  :) I tend to change my car once a year, and it's always because I fancy a change rather than disliking the car I have. I can see myself hanging onto the Focus for a while as it's a very easy car to live with day to day. I especially like the refinement and ability to take the edge off imperfections in the road. Having owned sportier cars before, it's nice to have a quiet and relaxing drive home after a hard day's work. Despite the decent ride the handling is fantastic though, the cornering is really excellent for a car this size. It really is a joy to drive!


I'd still like a little more power (maybe the 150ps). This engine does struggle doing 10-15mph in second gear, but the other side to that is it's excellent on motorways, very quiet. I guess the new models with the 6-speed gearbox have solved the problem of the long gearing and are more flexible around town. I can't complain about the engine too much though as I get over 43mpg and very rarely drive on the motorway. I do have quick (but legal) runs out now and again in the dead of night, so it's not all Miss Daisy driving.


I wouldn't like to pay full list price for a Focus Titanium, I bought this one at a year old for £12,500, but I would definitely buy another Focus. If my dealer phoned me up and asked me if I wanted to swap mine for a newer model then I'd do it. My only regret with this car is choosing a black one! I'd get either Candy Red, Lunar Sky or Burnished Glow next time. But I really would like another Titanium with all the toys  :)




P.S. I've seen spy shots of the 2014 Focus with the Aston-style front end. Can't wait to see what improvements they'll make to the car after the fantastic Fiesta facelift!


the new car looks very nice fella and glad you are liking it.

still not sure if I like these new shape focus yet but I think in time they will grow on me lol

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