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Full Version: After Market Sat Nav
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Hi All,

New year so hello to everyone,

Seen many posts/discussions regarding after market sat navs but nothing conclusive,

I'm look at this

What does everyone think has anyone got one? or suggest better for similar price? (I have a 10 plate mondeo)

Answers on a postcard :)

Looks alright, but the screen loaded screwey and I couldn't see what the page was meant to look like, but the product looks good!
It looks decent, though I'm always sceptical of after-market stuff that promises everything for less than the sum of it's parts by far :P
It runs on windows CE so don't expect it to be very slick.
Yer I did think that, has anyone had/got one of these or suggest a better alternative? I have t got hundreds to spend though :(

if you dont have hundreds, I would suggest that if you dont trust the likes of that with WIndows CE, you buy yourself a reasonable tablet, and put any DVD's etc onto a USB PEN and play them through that, if you get one with GPS, you can run something like NAV FREE to be your sat nav... If I get bored, I just stick a couple of credit card's or loyalty cards in the slot between the stereo and the housing, and sit the nexus on that resting against the stereo.

If I want music, I bluetooth it over to the car speakers, I then have a 7" sat nav, with Media Player, Games Player and Internet access tethered to my phones WiFi...


I got my tablet free with a contract phone, so I didnt pay a peny for it, but you can pick one up (Nexus 7) reasonably cheaply (mate got one for £80 after a load of deals) or you can get them online for between £100 - £150 for the 16GB variant.
I have a Galaxy Tab II which plays videos very nicely, with the sound pushed through the aux connection and the stereo speakers it's nice to while away lay-by stops and stand-by's between shouts.

I prop it up on the dash with one of these-


Obviously it's not used or mounted while moving but I have also got sat-nav software on it so i have that option (although the screen at 7" is a bit big really)
You prop it up with fuses do you Clive? ;)
Although a large screen, you could get a mount for it and use it, its quite handy!
Ah, darn it, wrong link :(
Try this instead-
I have this unit and all thou its not top of the range it's very good value for money search for my post and have a read a few members have got this unit now.

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