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Full Version: 100Bhp Or 115Bhp?
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How can you tell if a Focus 1.6 petrol is the 100 or 115 bhp variant?

Andy H Dibley
Log on to the online information site provided by Ford. You'll need your vehicles VIN number, but from this you can tell what specific engine it has fitted.
You can also download the MyCarCheck app on iOS and Android, enter the reg number and it should show the engine and bhp
Thanks Andy - that did the trick, it's the 100bhp model (I believe they discontinued the 115 model after 2007). The insurance company didn't seem to care, which I thought a bit strange. I like the engine though - quite responsive and sounds good. Handling and build quality has to be the best thing so far - and considering I was a BMW owner, that is saying something!

I did try a 1.4 and found it a little strained and I tried a 1.4 Golf and that was a similar story, so I'm happy with the 1.6 which seems to be more than adequate and good fun. I mainly got the car because it's so practical, but it really is a joy to drive - they didn't lie when they said it was a driver's car.

I will check those apps out for future reference Nexus - cheers.
Andy H Dibley
I test drove a 1.4 Golf and found for the size of car it lacked any get up and go, it also struggled when I put it to work on a dual carriage way!

1.6 was too small for me, having had a 1.8 diesel and petrol Mondeo and a 2.5 Cougar, I wanted back in a 1.8 really. Heard a lot of good things about the 1.6 though. I think there are a few owners on here.
I was not sure which engine to opt for, but having driven every engine type (in all brands and forms) from a 988cc Nissan to a 600bhp Lambo, I can say that this 1.6 does a decent job! It's to be a practical family car first and foremost and you get that by choosing a Focus. I actually found the Mk2 better than the the Mk3 which had worse handling. I'm just amazed at how good they can make a relatively normal car in terms of how it feels to drive. I had even looked at Audi, Mazda, Honda to get a good comparison. The test drive of this one just felt good and I had to get it!
I was going to get the 1.6 focus diesel, seemed nice to drive (took on quite a long test drive). Only reason I didn't was I got a Fiesta instead :P
115bhp was not discontinued it lives as the ecoboost instead of the 115bhp ti vct but it has been going from 2004 in the focus and in the puma before that the 115bhp focus has different rev counter limit
Ive grown to love the 1.6. Its my second on the trot. Previous cars were an 2.0 Alpha and a 2.0 Mondy so it took me a while to get used to the lower power. I just changed my driving style and find its a fabulous car for motorway driving. Looks great and a very practical family car that's economical with it. Plus the added extras that the Sport model comes with. I normally change my cars every 1 or 2 years, but this ones a keeper.
The 115bhp is also in the 08-11 zetec-s model.

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