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Full Version: Dashboard Compartment
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Alec J
On my focus it seems to have what looks like a lid for a compartment on the top of the dash.

When pressing it nothing happens but if you press either side it seems to rock left to right slightly.

Is this a compartment thats stuck shut or is it a cover that shouldnt be removed?

it for a air bag i think
Alec J
It doesnt say airbag on it, its right in the center of the dash and has like a long dipped section in the plastic which looks like a pressing point
If its above the air vents it could be a compartment you have to pull to open it.
mines a 2002 so i dont no about yours but i would have said air bag
maybe someone will confirm :)
Alec J
Yeah its above the air vent section in the middle, i didnt wanna just pop it with a screwdriver incase it wasnt meant to be open.

I shall upload pictures tomorrow to further investigate

The lid looks something if not the same as this:

Yes this is suppose open you push it down but as I found out the previous owner tiger sealed mine shut because the catch snapped.
You push it in and it pops open. I've got it on mine. Its just a small storage compartment and where the gauge pod would of went on the ST.

If yours isnt opening when pushing in then the catch may be broken
Yes sounds like the catch is broken , or stuck , don't pull on it , it should pop open after being pushed, to remove the whole thing , you can pop out the center vent and the dash speedo dials and then push the clips from below and push the hwole section out , you can then carry out repairs to it.
same thing was wrong with mine, you dont need to take out the speedo! I used some wide plastic strips (puncture repair levers from my kids bike) you can prise out the whole plastic carefully from the dash, I found the instructions on a website (honest johns) and bought a new lid from Ford (£35 ish) and the job took about 10mins to do. Hardest part was getting the spring back in the correct way, that was after carefully and patiently prising the clips from the dash.
I didnt know there's a compartment there :S ill have to take a look at mine
i think only higher spec models had this dash storage, titanium n ghia etc
Sounds like previuos owner has disconected the spring to keep down thats what i,ve done on mine till i get around to getting a new lid.
Alec J
[quote name='STEADS' timestamp='1360870687' post='235853']
Sounds like previuos owner has disconected the spring to keep down thats what i,ve done on mine till i get around to getting a new lid.

So whats the best way to get it out without damageing the dash?

If its a fidly job then ill probably leave it. Glovebox and armrest are pretty good storage atm anyway.
Try and get the lid up and just gently pull on it till the actual tray starts to come out of its holders so you can get a grip on that then just work it out of each where the actual compartment is is pretty sturdy be careful where you prize it from over the clocks a bit flimsy in that area
I started over by the drivers side as it all comes out in one big piece of plastic.

I know its a bit late but just in case some one else needs it... Its easy enough to pull the whole section off using thin pieces of plastic or a plastic trim remove tool ( On mine one of the hinges was broken (fix with super glue) and the clip was also broken. I replaced this with a push-to-open bin clip ( Just sand off the remaining of the clip, put the receiving end inside the compartment, right behind the original receiving bit and fasten it with a bit of super glue. Then insert the clip and remove the spring and adjust the clip (sandiong or adding pieces of plastic) until the lid closes nicely but you can still click the push to open mechanism by pushing the lid down. Then just super glue the clip to the lid.


This is a good suggestion mate, the type of thing I'm thinkin of at the minute actually! The catch on mine has broken recently, and I was gonna use it as an excuse to fit an ST boost gauge pod, but that might not be an option now as I can't seem to source the plastic base that the pod clips into. (See my thread here... )


At the minute I have just removed the spring so at least the lid sits closed, but I would like a proper fix. Your suggestion of this type of clip would be a much cheaper option than ordering a new lid from Ford, so it's good to have the link for a clip that works!


Is there any chance you could post up a picture of your finished handy-work, just so I can get a clear idea of exactly where and how you've mounted it? Would be much appreciated, cheers.


Hey, I was so happy with it after done that I put it on the car immediately without taking a pic but being overexcited as I was, I forgot the end piece of the metal rod so will have to remove it again some time this week. Will take a picture for you then. 


That's brilliant mate, would be much appreciated.


Totally know the feeling about forgetting to pics, I'm the worst for it when doing mods and that...always intend to take pics as I go along which may be of help to others but kinda end up gettin carried away then! When things seem to be workin out ya don't want to stop!


Can I just confirm that it was both parts of the clip that you replaced by the way (so I can go ahead and order one), both the receiving 'catch' part that sits in the pocket, and the 'striker' pin which attaches to the lid?


Yes, in my case I needed both ends.


Thanks, I think I just need the striker pin, as the flat part at the bottom has broken off mine, so is just a straight thin piece of plastic now and won't catch on the receiving end. Think I'll order both parts anyway and replace the whole thing to ensure proper fitment.


Thanks again, look forward to seeing your pics!


Hey here are the pics of the finished worked. It all took less that an hour so a simple job really!








Let me know if you need any more help


best way to get it out is to remove a center air vent , you can then get your hand in to push the clips up from below , and like above said , use something like tyre levers for the sectio over the instrument cluster.

Thanks. I actually found that it came quite easily just by gently pulling it with the plastic trim remover.

Does anyone know the part number for this lid and compartment. Mine has been glued down and want to replace it.

Thanks :)


dont know the part number but i have seen them on ebay for about £20


i modified mine so that the lid would open more and i fitted 12v charging points


mine can house a sat nav or a media player - hold in place by velcro!!!



Captain Haddock

Mad85's solution seems a neat fix.


These are the two parts that get broken by handed use :-

  • LID (1519315) about £55
  • CATCH (1545547) about £24

but you'll probably not like the prices.


If the recessed catch is okay and you feel like crafting a replacment hook for the lid it's this shape (excuse the crude ascii art)






just to confirm, the bin clip still works fine but the hinge repair work recently gave in and will have to repair it again... I think the problem is that I have to leave it parked for 8 hours a day under the sun and the glue does not appreciate that... damn heat!! Anyway, not gonna pay that sort of money for this cheaply made lid. Understand completly whoever decided to just glue it in and forget about it lol

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