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Full Version: Lh Rear Speaker Not Working
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Hi all, while fitting aux in cable, I found my rear LH speaker does not work...

My question is, would you guess at speaker failure, or a wire break/fell off/out? Not too keen to take door card off unless they are a common failure?

2005 Focus Zetec Hatch

All thoughts and experiences welcome!

Cheers, Iain
Speakers probably failed or the wiring throught to it may have broken throught the foor hinge
Check the wiring at the radio loom.
It could just be one has pulled out of the connector.
I will check the radio end first, I was hoping for a flood of 'yeah, they always break here' etc!

Think I will drop the old stereo in too, to make sure it is not a stereo fault.

I will update after I get time at the weekend to go digging.

Cheers for the ideas so far, keep em coming!
it would be easier to simply check the wire colours cut them inside the car before it goes into the door and running extra cable to the parcel shelf and fit new speakers there the rear door card is a pain and the speakers are held in with 6 pop rivets to get to it youll have to drill out all the rivets and get a replacement speaker from ford then refit and put new pop rivets in

interestingly i know of 5 55 plate focis were only that one lh speaker has went only 1 replaced it correctly and i gave them a hand and it was a ridiculous job to do never had that with any other car ever and not a job i wish to do again

Sorry for delay in update, work a bit silly at mo...


I could not fit speakers to the parcel shelf, as it is rarely in the car, she's a van most of the time!


Tried old stereo, same speaker still out, so removed door card, after buying forked tool thing.


Un-plugged speaker, and checked cables to stereo with multimeter, all good, so dead speaker it is.


Bought a cheapy pair off ebay, complete with connect2 adaptors.


Drilled off rivets, removed speaker, bit disapointed the adaptors don't quite line up with the holes...


Anyway, bit of cable re-routing, soldered on new terminals from the wires that came with the speakers,

all good now! Shame I forgot to bring my rivet pliers home from work though...


Whilst on a roll, managed to finish wiring in my 12v boot socket, and a second boot light, a very successful day by my usual standards!

I take it you left the metal door plate in place

Yeah, no need to go that deep!


I guess the taped up speaker extension wire is for a tweeter, on ghia/titanium perhaps?

Yeah i think you can get 8 speakers so the 4 main and 2 tweeters front 2rear
Perfect i have the same job to do on the same bloomin speaker

I cut my old speaker up, going to have a play at work tomorrow, because I think you could use the frame bit as a speaker adaptor, and if you save the right bits, still use the existing loom wiring, and then just solder the new speaker leads after the Ford connector.


Not sure that made any sense?! I will have a play, and take some pics. This was an after thought, so may try it on the other side one, as I cut the part off my left hand one that holds the terminals in place...


If it works though, you would not need to buy the adaptors, that don't really fit, anyway...


Also, I hope to fit some rivnuts, instead of rivets, as we happen to be using lots at work at the moment!


Good luck with yours!

The nuts would be better should have been that way to start with im aware if you carefully cut the speaker out the frame you can glue a new speaker in its place i may simply run new ones to the rear and add some bullet connectors so the shelf can be easily removed

The Ford speaker arrangement is a total pain, thought about upgrading mine until i found out what a faff it is.

Changed the speakers on a mates Renault Laguna (yeh i know, Traitor or what, :p) a couple of months back and it was the easiest job ever.

The covers pulled right off, cable adaptors fitted easily and the new speakers screwed in a dream, only fettling needed was bending the new speaker mounts a little bit for angle and that was it done.

Why did Ford make it such a pain to do?

Every car ive had there was 4 screws holding the speaker in at most you needed adaptors but the door cards would easily fit round them yet tge tweeters held in with 2 screws it was deliberate the sods im just gonna do the rear speakers to the boot sod drilling out blooming pop rivets ill just cut the wires before they go to the multiplug and run new wire under the trim to the boot and use bullet connectors with tge cables hidden that way if i need the shelf out which is rare ill pop tge connectors off and thats that

I guess they buy those speakers by the boat load for pennies, and three rivets takes seconds to fit.


Going by all the stickers inside the door, and name pressed in to the metal, they are designed/manufactured by a sub-contract specialist firm.


No different to Bosch, Recaro, Hella etc.


Cars are just business, and not a very profitable one these days.


Still, it keeps us amused putting all these things right!


just replaced my left rear speaker, ford part cost £40, hard part was getting the door panel off, working fine now..

Still strange its always the same speaker on different cars

Both rear ones on my wife's 2006 Focus have packed up. They will stay that way after what I have just read!!

Same as mine mate, both my rears aren't working! Will have a check of the looms going through the rear doors before anything else.

That job is a very tedious one. At work at the moment and can't access Photobucket but can link you to my thread about replacing the rear speakers with pictures. I decided to cut out the speakers in the rear and use the existing surround to fit the new speaker. I had done the same for the front previously and once you know how to do it, it's a fairly straight forward procedure. A good bit of wiring required but you only have to do it once and then if there are any issues in the future with the speakers, it's a much easier job to replace. Pictures on the thread below. Hope this helps :)

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