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Full Version: Window Dont Go Down!!
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<_< my drivers window wont go down, when i press the button i can here it click but nothing happens, wot could ths be (apart from expesive) :(
likely the regulator within the door its a right pain to fix so it will likely not be cheap
Andy H Dibley
Before you go ripping the door apart, just double check the switch.

You say it clicks, but is that just the switch mechanism or the motor kicking but not being able to move? It could also be stuck for whatever reason.
if you open the door and put a hand on either side of the window, can you push it down? if the window moves freely then its either the regulator or the gear on the motor may have stripped or broken
i tried to move the window down (hands either side) no luck it wont move, the clicking you can hear sounds like the motor clicking not the switch mechanism <_<
Sounds like the gear has sheared and is being blocked... Your going to have to take the door card off at least...
Think yourself lucky it hasn't got stuck full down, which mine has done twice!
<_< i took the dor card off at the w/e and had a look :wacko: i found a little piece of white plastic it looks like the guide that runs up and down, i can get a new complete regulator and motor for £40 so i think im gonna go for a new one rather than trying to fix the one in there :)
Sounds like you hit the nail on the head... Feel free to do a how to on replacing it! it might come in handy for those to have a before, during and after picture :)
:) ok when i get to do it i will try and take some piccys as im going, and post them up, (im gonna be waiting for a good w/e weather wise) B)
lol, gives you time to plan and prepare!
:) yep, cos when i do it i only want to do it once ;) ive got to get it done soon though my mot's coming up :angry: and i dont like not being able to open my window :(

:D I DUNNIT FINALLY :D  i fitted my new window regulater i done a how to so im gonna try and post up pictures so bear with me, 

ive done a guide with pictures in word 2010 how do i post it up pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, :blink:


 i think i found out how to do it  here goes :huh:


An excellent guide! well done that man!

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