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Full Version: Remote Locking / Alarm 57 Plate Zetec
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I recently joined the Ford Focus Club after buying a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 on a 57 plate. This is also my first car and Ive got to say I LOVE IT!!

The only thing that bugs me is the central locking/alarm system. The key that came with the car is just a fob. No buttons etc and I need to open the door, put key in ignition and turn the key before anyone else can open the doors and the alarm going off.

So is there an easier way? Can I get a key that remotely opens the door and turns off alarm? If so are they expensive?

Thanks for your help with this, my first post!
Pretty sure remote central locking would be standard on a Zetec... so maybe the key just got lost. I'd be surprised if the remote gubbins was missing.

Put your reg plate into and see if it mentions remote key (or secondary remote key). If it does, you just need a replacement key. You can get them from Ford I believe, but looking at £120 a key (this figure was told to me by a car salesman, so may be bull).
the zetec has remote fob with perimeter alarm the key should have deactivated this even manually unlocking the door so it sounds as if the transponder hasnt been coded to the car the cheapest option is get a mobile locksmith to come out and cut and code a new key the key you have is not what would have came with the car
my 58 Zetec has 2 keys - 1 with buttons [img]$(KGrHqZHJEME-nGtZjckBPyPiGfn(w~~60_35.JPG[/img] & 1 without
above is how it should have come that 3 button remote is what you need and 120 from a dealer yes for the key the programming is around 65 so 180-200 from a dealer for a key
i was quoted £120 for a single key (not remote) from ford dealer.. got one from a local locksmith for £45. locksmith quoted me £80 for the remote one.
Yeah it was a Ford price the dealer gave me. He was selling a car with a single smashed up key held together with tape. Rest of the car seemed fine, but I didn't fancy the risk on it.
timpsons (shoe shop) also do them. think it was £100 for remote one and £40 for plain one but they only clone the code from your other key i.e both keys will have same code. i prefered the locksmith to do mines as he re-coded both keys and deleted old codes from car just incase someone else had the spare key and tried to steal car.
if you want a remote this is the one to buy then get the rest done youreself
Thanks for all your help - will call the local mobile locksmith.

Is it an easy job to get the transpoder coded to the car? If I could do that easily then half the trouble would be over!

Thanks again guys - off to clean the car :)

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