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Full Version: I Have A Question To Increase My Car Performance... Please Read
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kizza 2k13
Ok so i have a 1.8 zetec focus (w reg) as u can see in my picture its highly modified, basically i wanna get better performance out off her now, she has been remapped (not a massive increase but thats to be expected), has a k&n filter, i wanna get as much power and torque but for as litle as possible, the last time she ran the rolling road i got 122bhp (baring in mind these are 113bhp standard) and 128 torque, what would u all suggest, and please dont say put a rs turbo engine into it as if i had the funds to i would not ask this question lol... and comments welcome :)
What tyres do you have? They can make a big difference. No matter how much power you have, without decent tyres you can't make use of it. Also, I presume you've upgraded suspension, etc? Sorry, I don't know what to suggest to increase power, but these things should definitely help performance if you havent already done so :).
kizza 2k13
I have low profile tyres, yea cars been lowered, just want more power lol... iv only been driving 8mth so a turbo petrol is out the question haha, thanks for replying tho mate
[quote name='kizza 2k13' timestamp='1360961646' post='236160']
iv only been driving 8mth
So you can't afford an RS turbo engine, how can you afford the insurance!? It must be massively expensive! :P.
I'm not trying to be obtuse so please don't get angry with me on this, but if you've only been driving for a very short period then i'd advise you to keep the car as it is and be more concerned with getting through your 2 year probationary phase and get your insurance premiums reduced before you worry about more speed/power/modifications.
I don't mean to be an ogre to you but please worry more about [u]really[/u] learning to drive before you attempt to make the car more powerful and harder to control.
After only 8 months driving by yourself, you will think you are invincible and the best driver ever but trust me when I say this, You're not.
I've been driving for 24 years and 8 of those as a Pursuit/advanced driving trained Police Officer and i still get caught out.
i like the way you think stoney .. seems nowadays the driving lessons are geared to passing the test not to teaching road sense ..nice looking focus Kizza ..have you thought about a brake upgrade?- no ones having a go at your driving skills but you have to remember the next person comming round the bend could be the worlds worst driver ..
kizza 2k13
Yea i understand wot u mean stoney and your right, i do feel invincible at times but i do take care on the road, im thinking of upgrading my breaks within the next few weeks, and thanks, shes had alot of work, time and money into her lol...
blue flash
i totaly agree with stoney as well.
You won't get massive gains without throwing a lot of money at your car at which point you have to ask is it worth it?

I spent a lot of time modifying cars a few years ago and once you have done the basics as you have then you only get gains once you start major work.

But, to echo the advice above - I've got 17 years and over 600,000 miles driving experience, I've been taught how to drive by an advanced police response driver, been taught how to ride a motorbike by an police motorbike rider/instructor and I still get unstuck sometimes, power isn't everything but having the skill to use what power you have in the safest and most effective way will benefit you more.

And yes, brakes are one of those things that many people forget to look at along with the rubber on their tyres - 2 vital parts of a car.

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