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Full Version: 61 Plate Focus Broken Into
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This isn't my vehicle but a customer I had today,

Basically the chap bought his focus 6 months ago and last night some kind fellow had opened his car without force (didnt have keyless entry just normal central locking) they kindly proceeded to use the cars jack, wheel brace and lock nut to remove each wheel at a time taking all the nuts, afterwords they took the rubber boot liner all the floor mats and the standard ford radio and for some reason tried to remove the n/s/f arch liner but must have been disturb or could not find the last bolt underneath.
Wow they must have been there ages , are they sure they locked it ? i know i have left mine unlocked before thinking i had locked it.
Thats the trouble with locking nuts , if you don't leave it in the car , your sure as hell gonna get a puncture .
Bit scary that! I thought all MK3 Foci came with Thatcham Category 1 alarms (Thatcham Cat 1 supposedly being the the highest rated?)

Doesn't the Focus auto-lock after about a minute? I know mine does.

Re. the wheel arch liner, isn't that where the PCM module is located?
I thought auto lock only occurs if you unlock the car but not open the door , and after 30 seconds it re-locks.
This happened to my grandad hes got an 11 plate titanium and they somehow managed to get the car open get the locking nut key and whip the wheels. Its a joke people just dont give a crap how theyre affecting people
I'd agree, the wheel arch thing was to access the ECU, maybe that's how they gained access to the car.
Disconnect the module and short the system out?
Sorry to go off topic, but BTW Pree, Walsall Lamps and Panels is listing another ZS spoiler on eBay if you're interested!!
This focus was a very late mk2 facelift, they had already accessed the car and had the wheels off before attempting the arch liner as they had removed the bolts from behind the wheel which would be very difficult with wheel still in place.
what keys are the new focus using? is it still the same old round blade with the 4 different depths of cuts?

i can remember a mate of mine having hassle with his car, when the police turned up they tried their key in the lock and were able to open his car!
I think there the same blade on the 2005 onwards focus, I've not really looked at my key blade as I have keyless entry and start
That model has the laser keys (flat blade), car thieves nowadays are getting trickier and more tech savvy.
The ford laser key (as used on this car) has 10 wafers, all of which have 5 possible heights. All the wafers have 4 false gates (traps).
It's the hardest production car lock to pick at the momen.
Range rover, bmw, mercedes and others are starting to use it.

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