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Full Version: Mk2.5 Rear Led Lights
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Hi, looking into purchasing these:

Has anyone bought a set or used this company?

Many thanks
Looks interesting... Cant say I have seen any, but its a shame they dont have any pictures of it lit up!
They look good , but yes i would also like to see them lite up and also ask about wiring interface as well.

You can create the ST LED look by adding LED's to the top section , i did this on my old Mk2.5 and looked very good , cost me less than 10 pounds
I agree would be better to see them on a car and up the right way. When i asked about the wiring and connections, they said it uses original plugs. It just LED's on the brake/tail light section
Just find ya self some RS tail lights which will lug straight into the mk2.5 or you can easily rewire them to fit mk2, if you then want them tinted at body shop should be able to do it fairly cheap as they only have to key the area and put a splash of black paint into some lacquer and away ya go.
ive seen them on a car round where i work and if im honest they looked really tacky and didnt suit the car at all which was a light blue/silver colour up close they were quite rough round the edges even from a distance they just didnt look right in all honesty
Thank you all for your advice. I've decided to go for the lights, so will take some pics when fitted.
P.S. how do I upload pics to post?
I fitted genuine RS/ST Led lights to my focus. I effectively got them for £100 and they are a hell of a massive difference.


take a look at my guide-ish thing here to see how to load pics into an album, then just link to it with the "image" button just above the quick reply (underneath the smiley face icon)
Car with the new lights [img][/img]
I think to really gel the look, you would be best looking to change the high mount for a clear output, it looks a little out of place...

It looks like a g ood set of lights though, but what do they look like lit up?
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1361807926' post='238825']
I think to really gel the look, you would be best looking to change the high mount for a clear output, it looks a little out of place...

It looks like a good set of lights though, but [b]what do they look like lit up[/b]?

what he said!
I was thinking the same about the high level brake light, and if there is any different fog and reverse lights. I will get some pics of the lights working.
looking forward to it fella... where abouts in Kent are you, I might pop down and see them lit up in person ;)

As for the others, theres no reason you shouldn't be able to find a transparent lens, you may need to upgrade the bulbs though to make them look a bit more in style with the lights!
I'm in the Ashford area, you? I keep looking in the southeast section but doesn't look like there's much happening down this way
I live in Medway but work over on Eureka Park :)
How hard is it to convert the clear lights off a 2.5 to work on a 2.0?

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